Launcher secretly downloading 'stuff'

Today my launcher downloaded an update, updated files and done, all good… but after 5-10seconds it started downloading ‘something’… without progress bar (its on 100% - because downloading and patching is done), without any notification or anything…
so my question what is it downloading any why? this happens 1-2 per week… amount of data is between 100-400mb with every ‘silent’ downloading
this launcher issues is very old (was the same on old launcher), that was the main reason why i stopped playing 2years ago (and you didnt answer this question then)…

Disable test servers that you don’t use in launcher settings?
If you disable Singularity, you have to download those files anyway on Tranquility patch day, but there will be no early updates if you don’t like those.

iam not using any of the test servers, and only singularity is selected all the time

since yesterday i got 1459933 | 1456374 | 6.0.26 and there was a silent update, today too (but small, about 50mb)

so basicly if i want to play i need to start launcher, start clients and close launcher or i will have shitty ping/lag and all this fancy stuff (because its downloading and noone knows what)
…is eve client mining bitcoins in the background? xD

Singularity builds come out frequently (few times per week) and that is what “silently downloading” here. Disable Singularity test server in options and also enable “Download all” option just in case you haven’t done this in the past.

i will have shitty ping/lag

I don’t know what connection you have but even biggest SISI\TQ downloads won’t affect your connection THAT much to worsen ping\lag. It’s just baseless speculation.

then why build numbers never change after those updates?, i got download all enabled and test servers disabled - yes, my bandwidth is low (you nont need much for online games) and downloading makes playing almost impossible :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ccp do some updates regarding bugs which require on fly changing or adding stuff that won’t really stay the same afterwards.

i see its a ‘feature’, guess i will need to wait another year or more because i like to have control on what and more WHEN i want to download stuff…

Once you have your clients running, just close the launcher. No annoying downloads!

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