Launcher Settings Change – DirectX 9 Metrics Gathering

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Try 61.22% share of all Steam users, sweetie. You know, gamers, not desk jockeys. You can go ahead and leave.

(Ravow) #43

If CCP would like to change API again, Vulkan would be a correct choice, not DX12. But changing API from DX9/11 to DX12 or Vulkan take a huge amount of time and ressources. CCP don’t have time for that from what we see.

Right now if CCP did have time and resources in extra, they would not be trying to ditch the API that work the best for there non-Windows user.

(Krima Sumyungi) #44

They’ve already said they’re going DX12. And non-Windows users are, as always, a small minority of gamers.

(Ravow) #45

You need a custom wine-staging. Performance will also be lower as MacOS OpenGL API are deprecated (Limited to OpenGL4.1 and so missing optimization that OpenGL 4.5&4.6 provide. (that all drivers on Windows and Linux support)

(Ravow) #46

In that case, if they are going to DX12, they should ditch DX11, not 9. DX11 and 9 are really similar code wise, maintaining any of these will require about the same amount of resources… But DX9 work on everything unlike DX11 and also DX9 code on Windows usually run faster than DX11 code. Same with Linux, Linux native D3D9 is faster than Windows native D3D9 (Microsoft forgot to optimize it on there side since a while).

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DX9 has only survived this long due to people who stubbornly refused to upgrade from XP or their decades old toasters. Those days are over, the great majority of PC’s now are DX11 compatible at the very least and running Windows 7 or above. This is why DX9 is getting the shovel, while DX11 is not. And CCP is not the first to do this. Zenimax for one removed DX9 and DX10 from ESO long ago. DX9 is a hinderence to modern game development, not a bonus in any way, shape, or form. People living in the past need to join the present or be forgotten.

(Ravow) #48

We are talking about being compatible with two API are that are completely different. D3D11 don’t give much compared to D3D9 and is similar in the code and required ressources to maintain. Plus most of the gaming park that was compatible with DX11 IS compatible with DX12 (Windows 10 have less overhead than Windows 7 and is overall better. Plus it got free update… The quantity of user that are stuck with DX11 should be lower than these with DX9 because they got a faster and better upgrade for free).

Talking of statistics, the desktop Linux market share is going up really fast (for some unknown reason, maybe some people really don’t want Windows 10?)
May 2017 - 1.99%
June 2017 - 2.36%
July 2017 - 2.53%
August 2017 - 3.37%

It’s technically a superior OS and they are not living in the past because they only support D3D9 natively, it’s more of a patent concern and available hackery as official card maker don’t try to release these API on Linux to not get sued. But Linux, as Windows 7+, support Vulkan… That is the present. D3D is the past, Microsoft released DX12 to counter Vulkan, but it’s not better. Vulkan is available for 99.95777% of the gamers (I invented the 0.04333% for apple)

I don’t talk about Apple here because they have a superiority complex that prevent them to have any decent 3D API.

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What is the verdict on to this question?

(Deandra Walran) #50

Why is it, that since this happened, I can not log into the game unless I have DX9 checked even though my machine is fully capable of running EvE (or any other game) in DX11?

(LouHodo) #51

So I ran the game in DX9 for a few days… and I came to hate it.

Other than for some reason it made the glare from light sources in game look FAR brighter. It was like JJ “Lens Flare” Abrams did the cinematics in game.

I may have to mess with the settings more but it wasnt a major improvement on my end.

(Tonto Auri) #52

LOL? DX9 is an OLD API, it can’t be an “improvement”.

(Krima Sumyungi) #53

But he just upgraded to Windows 2000. It’s new to him!

(MacGregor Orlenard) #54

Becouse dx9 is downgrade. Read numbers…

(Soldarius) #55

IIRC I had DX9 set to on because for some reason DX11 doesn’t play too well with ATI Radeon HD79xx series cards. It works. But I get occasional graphical artifacts. DX9 just seems to work better.

So when this got set back to using DX11, I decided to give it a whirl. Artifacting seems to be a little less prevalent. But its still there from time to time. Barely noticeable.

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