Leaked Vid from CCP

I found this video, it’s from a Dev meeting at CCP. Now i don’t speak icelandic so i don’t know what they are saying, but it sounds serious…


It’s the summary of all the comments on the forums :rofl:


CCP Cactus: Wada dada dada wa.
The playerbase: The Truth Has Been Spoken! All Praise The Truth!



I dont know what they are saying too, but it looks like they understand each other very well.

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Cactus : Gimme 100m ISK or I’ll blow up your ship.
Baby : gaga baba dada ( which being interpreted means ’ I have a 200,000 EHP nappy on’ )

And now CCP CACTUS will explain Indy changes live…

He’ll poke you in the eye with his explanations, you mean.

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