I’d be happy if they learned how to adapt a design to the lines of the ship. Far too many skins look like they just made a square with a line across and forcefully stretched it across the hulls without spending any time wondering whether it’ll look decent or not. The ‘5 minutes in MS Paint’ look gets old really fast.

Keep waiting :rofl:

Agreed that too many of the designs look like someone just took a pass on the ship with a road-line painter.

Accentuate and enhance the lines of the ship, add visible color and lighting effects. Make it interesting, dynamic, and visible.

I consider the VitalShift Ego skins, the MetaMateria Exotica’s, the Blackfire’s, Imperial Flame and Neon Utopia skin types to be the direction CCP should be moving in, and then some. More actual lines and lighting and different luminosity levels on the ships.

(To be fair, this is the direction they have been moving in. They just still backslide from time to time.)

It’s mostly the older styles of skin lines (Tronhadar, Syndicate, Combine, True Deliverance, Vanguard, BladerRacer etc.) that I think lack any real visual interest.

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CCP Skin Devs on their way to create an awesome new skin

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Its called Harlequin, that style. :wink:


Sure, but only if you complete your suggestion and SKINs would also increase signature radius :sunglasses:

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thats… a slippery slope: if skins were to apply penalty to ship stats then an argument can be made for them to balance those negative effects with positive ones. And skins with stats is a big no, imo.

… I know, that would be terrible. And my cheeky post was made in jest. SKINs, in my mind at least, are a projection of ‘self’. Hence the increase in sig radius :stuck_out_tongue:

… Equally cheeky would be to suggest a new line of Weatherproofing Fozzieskins, which could drop in any system with triglavian weather phenomena. Alas, that would also affect (temporary) ship stats, and no, we don’t want to edge closer to any real p2w pitfalls.

Satire is a precious thing. It gives importance to a subject and, at the same time, points at its inherent flaws. And I can’t even draw a curved line if my life depended on it, so I am admiring @Nana_Skalski while I have to use words to the same effect.

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I begged for Christmas lights skins…
blinking ones, with a Santa on the bow too.

What happened to station skins btw?

I bet theyd have made money for nothing by getting into bed with Sanrio.

But sure, we have that dude’s face on the Blazin Squad skin, thats fun, right?