✅ Legit's Loan Service / 2% Per Month

Have a bunch of Liquid Available and Looking to invest it.

  • Handing out Loans uncollaterized as an option for friends ONLY that I know and Trust. Depending on who you are I reserve the right to ask for Collateral.

  • Neutral Parties 110% Collateral (Easy priceable stuff no Abyssal Mods or anything that can lose value very easily and no Nullsec items)

  • Looking for 2% Interest per Month with Collateral.
    Looking for 3% Interest per Month without Collateral / Right Reserved to demand for Collateral

Post here or Mail me ingame.
Greetings Legit Salesgirl.


I’ll do 250 bil at 3% no collateral.

bump because @Legit_Salesgirl is amazing. o7

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