Leopard price

I bought too many leopards before CCP released a crap ton of them on the market (didnt know they were going to) and now I’m stuck with them. How long do you guys think its gonna take for the price to go back to somewhere around 150M?

I thought about selling immediatly after the release and use the capital and swallow the loss, but I did not and now it’s 2 months after and if I sell now I’ll lose a few bils :frowning:

Who knows? There are so many factors, many of them unpredictable or unknowable to guess.

Looking from the chart:


It took about 2.5 years to go from 100M ISK to 150M ISK the first time, so that’s a good a starting guess as any. Probably it depends on how many were dropped during that last event, but judging from how little it has moved so far, I think it will take a while, although 2.5 years seems a little long to me.

I’ll go then with 9-12 months as my guess then. Speculators aren’t likely to try to push up the price having been burned once by CCP, so it will take however long it takes for the excess to be consumed, but even then there is no guarantee CCP won’t add them to the loot table of another event and push the price right back down.

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Cut your losses.

Hmm, interesting.
I did not know it took so long to reach 150M.
Crap, I guess I’ll try to gradually sell over the next days/weeks.

Well, thats the risk you take. I built them, and sold them, a while ago, cause i knew the event will only make them cheaper and cheaper.

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