Let me get this straight?

To avoid DDOS attacks and players not being able to log in, CCP puts up a firewall preventing 1/4th the world from being able to log in?

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No. They didn’t.

The needs of the many out weight that of the few, your sacrifice is noted.


I would settle for a firewall preventing @Serenity_Fireslayer from logging in and posting this drivel…

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No, they just dislike you.

Also, you are right, the earth is flat.

Maybe they mistook your trying to log in 10 different scam account alts, as a DDOS attack?

lies! i am a legitimate and honest business woman!

to prove it send me 10 BILLION ISK and il double it!!

That sounds suspicious.

Are you scamming as a way to hide the fact that you are accepting ISK on behalf of people to DDOS the servers at specific times so that they can reap the benefits from Fleet fights and timers?

Good enough for me. I will be sending you a space-cheque for the sum requested. I just need your account login info so I may verify its arrival and then eagerly await the result of your kindness.


Please see this thread for up to date information regarding TQ connectivity.