Let's play ARK Extinction!

Hey folks,

It’s a big day! Extinction is out, and to try it out, I am inviting you on my new server if you are looking for a little break of EVE!

  • Extinction PVP! 3x, S+ and more

Here are the mods:

  • S+
  • CKF
  • Reusable Plus
  • Resource Stack
  • Taming Sedative

Whats different?

  • Active admin (been admining since battlefield Vietnam)
  • Battleeye
  • Tolerance Zero for meshing and exploiting
  • Tweaked rates to make the game a little more challenging and fun (wild dinos do 20% more damage, watch out for them dodos), here are the tweaks: http://server-dhimgtxa.arkers.io/forum/threads/2271
  • PVP cooldowns on human main bases (24 hours) and none on outposts (main bases are marked with a flag), else your base is free game.
  • Discord available upon link request
  • PVE players are also welcome!
  • Max wild dino level: 120
  • Hunger and thirst depletion less intense
  • A little more weight per level
  • Updates during nighttime, at less busy hours
  • Longer days, shorter nights
  • ORP
  • Can see you joined, but not who left

Try out this new world here: http://server-dhimgtxa.arkers.io/

Give us a try, I am pretty sure you shall love it!

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Do you work for the company or something?

Nah, but I don’t only play eve, and official servers are crappy since you can’t do anything about cheaters.

can i bring my drake?

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I chose to disable transfers so everyone starts fresh. But you can tame whatever you want, I upped the multipliers :slight_smile:

taming of the shrew…

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Just get in here XD

thats what she said LOOOOL

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-_- really :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok the map is really unforgiving. I got killed by pteranodons -_-

Should add this sound track https://youtu.be/orJiTFAqllc

I will, if you join :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone else play this game? It’s been on my Steam wishlist for a while. Micro-review please?

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