Level 4 LP

Hello Mission Runners,

I was recently thinking about level 4 LP and wanted to ask everyone “What is the biggest amount of LP you have stacked up at one time or currently have?”

Specific to actual highsec level 4 mission runners and not faction warfare guys stacking up LP from plexes/FW missions.

Just curious.
Thank you.

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I have millions of LP in various NPC corps from grinding L4’s to get my standings up to 10.0

Not hard to do if you like grinding missions, though some of that LP is now all but worthless since the LP store changes with the recent game update.


Which ones were hit the hardest in terms of lost value?

Several. For example, NPC corps like Kaalakiota no longer have weapon, module, or ship BPC’s, or even faction ammo. You can, however, still get every single Caldari LP store item direct from Caldari Navy. Also, the LP stores where you could purchase built faction ships directly. That’s no longer a thing. You can still get the BPC though.


The SOE LP store stayed largely the same, with the exception that you can no longer purchase built faction ships for LP, only the BPC.

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Very terrible that corp got screwed out of those items. Imagine having a lot of LP for that corp you saved up and now you can’t buy what you intended to!

Still interested in hearing high amounts from others.
I am trying to figure out if my stack is sizeable or not a drop in the bucket compared to others :slight_smile:

I currently have 9m.