Level 5 courier missions

In both recent security blogs one point mentioned about Alpha bots are level 5 courier missions.

I’m not an Alpha but curious, where do I find agents handing out those missions?

Thanks to the not existing anymore agent finder, I had no luck with the agency so far (because it’s results are range limited, random and cropped, see comment below)


Example: I was looking for FOBs, and the agency didn’t show me a FOB next door, but one 5 jumps away but not all I knew about in that jump range (in same region).


And so on.

Although I believe most of these either don’t exist any more because high sec L5s do not exist anymore. CCP is just stumbling over their own spaghetti code again. Besides, who would even run them when L3s give better LP for less work and risk.

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This has been happening since the Agency came in. Go a couple of jumps and it will show the FOB, then the next system to it, it doesn’t show :psyccp:


Yeah, phantoms, don’t exist ingame. As the sec team explicitly mentioning level 5 couriers as a bot problem twice, in two blogs, I assume there is something …

… I can’t judge about profits or standing bonus, until I tried one.



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trying to find Table of All Agents.
found “data export” files agtAgents.csv.bz2 agtAgentTypes.csv.bz2 agtResearchAgents.csv.bz2

that is schisoprenia. most of the agents have agentTypeID=2, which is “Basic”.
there is no distinction for “Security” or “Courier” or “Mining”

agentTypeID agentType
1 NonAgent
2 BasicAgent
3 TutorialAgent
4 ResearchAgent
6 GenericStorylineMissionAgent
7 StorylineMissionAgent
8 EventMissionAgent
9 FactionalWarfareAgent
10 EpicArcAgent
11 AuraAgent
12 CareerAgent
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i see “static data dump” is bs

it is easier to parse this pages


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I did a google search for 3rd party Eve Online agent finder sites and I found a few sites still active.

Main issue is they haven’t been updated in quite a while and due to all the changes done by CCP, those sites now give incorrect search results.

Such as showing level 5 Agents being located in high sec systems. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Being able to search for available agents hasn’t been an issue for me, I haven’t needed to run regular missions in quite a while.

However, I still want the option of being able to easily find agents when needed. Hopefully someone can post links to good 3rd party Agent Finder sites.

from the SDE, all l5 agents :
you can notice all agents that are BASIC(ie accessible for missions) are only security.

name system division type
Abrikoum Arvarz Warouh Distribution EventMissionAgent
Achoure Ahreres Sota Distribution EventMissionAgent
Adilfert Abina Vard Mining EventMissionAgent
Aelwara Duld Altrinur Distribution EventMissionAgent
Afresouret Isiene Aclan Distribution EventMissionAgent
Ahan Hemirin Ranni Distribution EventMissionAgent
Aivira Ogimo Irjunen Distribution EventMissionAgent
Aivolen Lisika Hogimo Mining EventMissionAgent
Aivoras Ahtainio Alikara Distribution EventMissionAgent
Akiai Tayukainen Uesuro Distribution EventMissionAgent
Alad Sabounrang Sayartchen Mining EventMissionAgent
Alfrald Enstulf Lasleinur Security EventMissionAgent
Ambelane Lean Jel Distribution EventMissionAgent
Amme Lynch Uphallant Security BasicAgent
Amonen Tekkaniras Hirtamon Security EventMissionAgent
Andan Kuumi Kaaputenen Mining EventMissionAgent
Anniainen Aizaris Eitu Distribution EventMissionAgent
Araniad Ashwan Zephan Security EventMissionAgent
Arbjan Tolangranner Gelfiven Distribution EventMissionAgent
Argoramed Barermam Hath Security EventMissionAgent
Arira Barahan Omam Distribution EventMissionAgent
Arlufur Nadila Avenod Security EventMissionAgent
Arma Nornen HLW-HP Mining EventMissionAgent
Asiaineras Isuki Kino Security EventMissionAgent
Aubulle Maimanne Stegette Distribution EventMissionAgent
Aunirad Fegill Aedald Distribution EventMissionAgent
Avoralie Cente FD-MLJ Security EventMissionAgent
Aymaloyal Saggherwey Kizama Distribution EventMissionAgent
Azhdan Bovamih Kamih Security EventMissionAgent
Blelle Aegheem Sheroo Distribution EventMissionAgent
Bogekur Alpur Amo R&D EventMissionAgent
Borvah Goumis Pamah Distribution EventMissionAgent
Bouey Sadereron Rancer Distribution EventMissionAgent
Buratour Apaury Osmallanais Mining EventMissionAgent
Chian Teema Tamo Security BasicAgent
Claulanghe Meniger Stou Distribution EventMissionAgent
Coverie Ygymet VSIG-K Distribution EventMissionAgent
Creltenier Eyghelet Ostingele Mining EventMissionAgent
Dagiker Warhemmo Yashunen Distribution EventMissionAgent
Datna Jesebal Kothe Security EventMissionAgent
Dealake Eulasen Yarebap Distribution EventMissionAgent
Dekrata Abes Djimame Distribution EventMissionAgent
Deuverin Ogorard Klogori Security EventMissionAgent
Doyo Jaked Maila Security BasicAgent
Eborimi Shiskala Haajinen Security EventMissionAgent
Eburch Esalion Vasala Security EventMissionAgent
Elena Shamarll Uzistoon Security BasicAgent
Elias Mousse Murethand Security BasicAgent
Emeersch Georreroron A-ZLHX Security EventMissionAgent
Eskalen Elmaa Umokka Mining EventMissionAgent
Eva Ramlih Ned Security BasicAgent
Evad Bowman Barleguet Security BasicAgent
Evotes Fiert 0T-AMZ Distribution EventMissionAgent
Eymur Bettik Amamake Security BasicAgent
Fauselynck Aernonnire Alles Distribution EventMissionAgent
Fendahl Ashriel Sahtogas Security BasicAgent
Filbrofur Admur Gultratren Distribution EventMissionAgent
Fotine Anilla O5Y3-W Security EventMissionAgent
Gasschies Ordt Ghekon R&D EventMissionAgent
Ghaimi Hazaza Illuin Security EventMissionAgent
Gian Rouppon Balle Distribution EventMissionAgent
Girn Egnai Floseswin Security BasicAgent
Goins Mide Grispire Distribution EventMissionAgent
Goum Mimian Jesoyeh Security EventMissionAgent
Guynnier Densseurthe Maire Distribution EventMissionAgent
Habi Ghamri Komaa Security EventMissionAgent
Haboulan Roda Sieh Mining EventMissionAgent
Hageken Saasokainen H-ADOC Security EventMissionAgent
Halbriden Hettad Uzistoon Security EventMissionAgent
Haram Goskaktar Jerhesh Security EventMissionAgent
Hindamainen Milkina Onuse Security EventMissionAgent
Hojn Trubeflied Auner Security BasicAgent
Hoorazood Bikan Dakba Security EventMissionAgent
Huren Juld PQWA-L Security EventMissionAgent
Hyykiala Futtari D9D-GD Distribution EventMissionAgent
Ibed Bemoumouf Suner Mining EventMissionAgent
Idrolf Hrer Gosalav Mining EventMissionAgent
Iivanamon Okagairos 54-VNO Mining EventMissionAgent
Inuh Fren Arzieh Security BasicAgent
Ires Orva Siyi Security EventMissionAgent
Iriganda Tiga Tasti Distribution EventMissionAgent
Irtep Moxath Faspera Security BasicAgent
Isela Irki Airkio Mining EventMissionAgent
Ishariel Torash Nandeza Security BasicAgent
Ishemi Valvas Aeschee Security EventMissionAgent
Issiah Hakn Nalnifan Security BasicAgent
Isunmaa Hyyhenda Jakanerva Distribution EventMissionAgent
Itken Hodan Autaris Distribution EventMissionAgent
Itkiras Reppola Nourvukaiken Distribution EventMissionAgent
Ivenckbrault Gremmichel Bosboger Mining EventMissionAgent
Jacus Roden Parts Security EventMissionAgent
Jariz Ohrzel Ibash Security EventMissionAgent
Kagrish Toggam Gulmorogod Security BasicAgent
Kaimon Aheras Uemisaisen Security EventMissionAgent
Kalmaran Dophar DLY-RG Distribution EventMissionAgent
Khadonevedu Nibainkier Tew Distribution EventMissionAgent
Khassan Warden Istodard Security BasicAgent
Kinkyonen Hashinouras Goinard Security EventMissionAgent
Kiomi Inanumaa Hykkota Distribution EventMissionAgent
Kivas Odaka Olide Distribution EventMissionAgent
Koored Zainah Dresi Distribution EventMissionAgent
Korako Kosakami 6NJ8-V Security EventMissionAgent
Korasen Poipirtaka Vuorrassi Distribution EventMissionAgent
Kuhata Susilakko Oimmo Mining EventMissionAgent
Kunken Pis Hallanen Security BasicAgent
Landea Vrankef Nannaras Security BasicAgent
Lauggunn Sungam Kenahehab Security BasicAgent
Linead Chambres Iges Security BasicAgent
Mahtista Osala Aikoro Mining EventMissionAgent
Marerlur Simnika Aldrat Mining EventMissionAgent
Maulckaert Reysetouttes Dastryns Distribution EventMissionAgent
Megnyve Charis Inghenges Distribution EventMissionAgent
Meor Varuna Zirsem Security EventMissionAgent
Mesybier Echard ZN0-SR Distribution EventMissionAgent
Miharbi Nahk Pelille Security BasicAgent
Motain Tesschye G-G78S Distribution EventMissionAgent
Naan Lekspar Otsasai Security BasicAgent
Naheha Soza Ilas Security EventMissionAgent
Nai Shopbi Onatoh Security BasicAgent
Namielus Ressoh Aeschee Security BasicAgent
Nekhaz Corelot Mista Distribution EventMissionAgent
Nigirada Antu Hatakani Distribution EventMissionAgent
Nilen Koinahaila Tartoken Distribution EventMissionAgent
Nojana Dyodo Ohkunen Security BasicAgent
Numa Fashit null Security EventMissionAgent
Nustich Rakolyor Menri Mining EventMissionAgent
Olgard Krur Chidah Security EventMissionAgent
Olkkogas Aranato Audaerne Distribution EventMissionAgent
Osie Ohmahailen Irjunen Distribution EventMissionAgent
Otis Norch Auga Security BasicAgent
Otuniki Tekken Ikao Security EventMissionAgent
Paaseraisen Nosidoma Kulelen Distribution EventMissionAgent
Pakimato Kein Reblier Distribution EventMissionAgent
Pareh Mere Faswiba Security EventMissionAgent
Petur Oskarin Hakonen Security BasicAgent
Peuvalolen Ubito Malkalen Distribution EventMissionAgent
Pevalir Kereka Gonan Distribution EventMissionAgent
Qeraz Manima Ahkour Distribution EventMissionAgent
Ragnar Evald Auga Security BasicAgent
Reisen Ienakkamon Sivala Distribution EventMissionAgent
Reptu Gaxhen Helgatild Security BasicAgent
Reuvo Thassian Reynire Security BasicAgent
Romene Belagers Ondree Distribution EventMissionAgent
Rudoko Salkur Nakugard Security EventMissionAgent
Sastigas Kuhtataiken Ansasos Security EventMissionAgent
Sautitara Munevailen Olo Distribution EventMissionAgent
Seri Corsiddia Klingt Security BasicAgent
Setele Schellan Hemin Security EventMissionAgent
Shahoun Siharkhail Ilas Distribution EventMissionAgent
Sikoda Elaoutiras Pozirblant Distribution EventMissionAgent
Sispur Silbander Auga Security EventMissionAgent
Skami Zarton null Security EventMissionAgent
Skiks Alfotada Sujarento Security EventMissionAgent
Soeilenuse Cempescain MXYS-8 Mining EventMissionAgent
Soukesen Akkadan Inghenges Mining EventMissionAgent
Stelur Aremold Gultratren Distribution EventMissionAgent
Stoss Odatrik Isbrabata Distribution EventMissionAgent
Surefgen Dalanard Freatlidur Security EventMissionAgent
Taireyi Tilam Namaili Mining EventMissionAgent
Tanashaiken Aurila Tintoh Mining EventMissionAgent
Tatetur Eyleinn Klogori Security EventMissionAgent
Terma Tesh Chanoun Mining EventMissionAgent
Thanan Derif Aulbres Security BasicAgent
Thayafu Adarya 0Z-VHC Distribution EventMissionAgent
Tobias Kruzhor G-G78S Security EventMissionAgent
Toldori Bensar Chej Distribution EventMissionAgent
Tranard Arnoche Ane Distribution EventMissionAgent
Tuotoh Kanaari Baviasi R&D EventMissionAgent
Typhon Reibver Thelan Security BasicAgent
Udba Namhar Vehan Security BasicAgent
Ueshisen Orane Mastakomon Mining EventMissionAgent
Vakkibasen Pinuta Kaaputenen Distribution EventMissionAgent
Vari Nosemi Chej Security BasicAgent
Veinalen Yamatumi Saisio Distribution EventMissionAgent
Vepas Minimala N5Y-4N Security EventMissionAgent
Vintteken Napas Maurasi Security EventMissionAgent
Vira Kortsegas Maila Distribution EventMissionAgent
Wallekon Kortadaken Ogoten Security EventMissionAgent
Yapetou Piki Ziriert Security EventMissionAgent
Yarn Lynch Manjonakko Security BasicAgent
Yelos Girgen Nalvula Security BasicAgent
Zach Dormondan Gid Distribution EventMissionAgent
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funny part is the agents exists in game but are not returned by search


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