Level VI Skills

Hello, I am the #1 Gallente destroyer pilot in EVE Online. My alt is #2. My other alt is #3. #4. #5. Etc. I am ready to train Gallente Destroyer level VI. Please add level VI skills for greater specialization in my area of interest. Thank you!

I wish I could train a lot of skills to six, but I’d imagine that it would have serious balance ramifications.

Train all weapon skills to V and then use a +5% hybrid turret damage implant - has skill level VI.

Skill progression in Eve is roughly 80% of the utility for 20% of the cost. A skill that takes 3 weeks to train level 5 would be roughly 3 months for level 6 for a 16.66% improvement.

Not sure that would distort balance too much. It would provide a massive SP sink and a financial windfall to CCP if impatient people decided to inject the extra level!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

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