Liberation Day Point Balance

I just calculated that I need to grind limited mining expeditions for 12more hours to get my 600 points.
Would be nice if those sites would be better balanced so that they are quite similar to the PVE sites in point rewards :slight_smile:
Same goes for data sites, because they are so contested, it’s pretty hard to find any

EDIT: Would be cool to have a better balance for the next event, because I have done over 60 of the limited sites already and it gets really annoying. <_>
And no, the option is not to do PVE if you have a pacifist character :smiley:

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Data and combat demand skills to compete. If you are lucky and no one is online you can do them but maybe few times. I lost maybe 6 prophecy wrecks lol, i kill really slow. The limited are faster if you find a fleet, try to recruit people in the local channel.

The challenge reward system in previous events used to reward you for entering sites and taking out wave targets before requiring you to take out the final primary target.

Now this challenge does that only once, meaning a combat site after your first one will reward you with only 10 points per site provided you get the kill/do the most damage on the Prophecy. That’s assuming you don’t get contested and lose…and end up wasting all of that time burning through the waves just to lose out on said ten points…

Which means you burn even more time…

Given the fact that I don’t have that kind of time this weekend to commit to that kind of endeavor, I don’t see me getting all 600 points., which is really disappointing…

Coupled with next-to-no bounties, poor salvage, and that scandown challenges give you rewards only for breaking open the vaults (which in total are a measly 7 points for 3 vaults), I am motivated to go back to flying incursions for the remainder of this event.

I ran the data sites in great wildlands. Took me about 4 hours to complete the 600 points challenge.

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