[Lifeblood] Little things in Lifeblood

if it’s under 10k, it should be few enough numbers for you to see what you are doing :slight_smile:

That sounds interesting, but I’ve also heard that people want that to trigger a ‘sell’ for that item.

it’s purple by default (at least as it is right now), since this is an option to use in fleets. If you change you fleet color to red, this radial menu will be red (although a bit darker). If it was not different, I’d be worried that you might not notice if you mistakenly trigger the normal radial menu and instead of broadcasting warp, you warp yourself.
And I’m not sure about the RM in other places, I could see the case for adding it to broadcast list, but not so sure about the Asset list (although I totally know where you are coming from with that)



So nice.

Ok, that makes sense. You are talking about the overview appearance color that you can set in the Overview Settings. Interesting approach.

With regards to radial menu and item sell triggering. I don’t know how other people think about it and it’s probably definitely not a little thing anymore but I think it would be very interesting to be able to use the radial menu on items/ships in your hangar that includes options like View Market Details, Sell Item, Create Contract (maybe combined into the second layer for market activity), Show Info, Put in cargo of active ship/Use in industry. etc. Personally I sometimes have difficulties finding the View Market Details in the ever growing right click menu and a Radial Menu could make this a lot more convenient. A thought for a general potential future overhaul/functionality expansion of the RM.

tbh, it would clash so often with dragging that it would be annoying (years ago I prototyped it, but we never really ran with it). There are cases where it already clashes a bit with dragging, but it’s not available anywhere that is as ‘drag-heavy’ as the hangars.

Could we please get something on the Launcher that shows which character is training or if any character is training?

Right now i need to click on each one to determine that. (I know EveMon probably still exists out there, but really why isn’t this in game?)

Bonus points if you can do the same for the Mobile app.

Remember folks,

New requests should go in the Little Things thread, not here. This thread is for test server feedback on the current changes :slight_smile:

The Little Things team has the biggest awesomeness at CCP! <3

I always wish that the other games I play had a little things team.

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Even if my two submitted ideas “Ability to warp to where previously aligned” and “update anomaly distances towards other anomalies upppon landing in one” have not been addressed yet I’d like to give a big kudos to karkur for taking the time to address other small QOL changes because they make everyone’s lives better :slight_smile: thx CCP

Also I noticed that the “permenant bracket in the center of the screen that shows where my ship is” that was introduced last year has gone missing, was that an intended change ?

Assuming we are talking about the same thing then this bracket is displayed when either being zoomed out far enough or when pressing the ALT-key. Is this what you are talking about?

Yeah, we didn’t remove the bracket, it has always been that you only see it when zoomed out. It’s based on the size of the ship how much zoomed out you need to be to see the bracket. The rough idea is that about the time you stop seeing your ship on screen you get the bracket (although we only divide the ships in 5 ship size groups for this, so it varies a bit for the smallest ship belonging to a level and the biggest one)

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Anomaly update for me is “hotkeyed” to “alt+p > alp+p” haha
The bracket thingy is less aparent if you constantly fly in tactical overview AS YOU SHOULD :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know you don’t plan to remove it, but please do keep that bracket around as well as the little circle you can get by clicking your own ship. They are very handy for lining up drag bubbles; if the far gate (or other object) and the ship circle have the near gate in them you are in-line and your drag will work. Without that placing them would be a pain in the butt.

I would give you the Fonzie “Ayyyyyyyy” meme, but some mean ISD would probably delete it.

So I will say “Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” some nice Little Things. QoL indeed.

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So I have tried to look at them ships and my first impressions are mixed. The Arbitrator has a really capacitor and could use a nudge. The Omens are really cool now and can be nasty laser kiters.
I still need to check out the Dragoon but I already have a fit for her. The Corax look okay-ish but not fast enough. A little nudge in speed would go a long way.

Hi elitawo :slightly_smiling_face:,

Thanks for you feedback, but I’m afraid it’s of very little use to post it in this thread. Maybe head over to the thread for the devblog and post it there?


Oh sorry!

I was looking for that very thread.

any chance of being able to duplicate the action and the broadcast together into the same commend? i.e. broadcast ‘align to’ and your ship aligns as well?

Why 45343 and not 45344? :troll_face:

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Let’s add alliance bookmarks. Thanks.

Alliances are now auto-linkable? Sweetness. Been wanting that for years.