[Lifeblood] Resource Wars


(Tragot Gomndor) #172

Was flying from Amarr to Jita to Airaken and found not a single one i could enter.

(Ne0SHNIK) #173

I did two (L1 and L2) plexes. I liked how they were not super trivial to do. I had to hurry up to make the timer and L2 was hard to defend with a lone tristan. Keep it this way! Don’t make it easy, make people work for it =)

What I didn’t like is that it took me an average of 10 jumps just to find a plex of the right kind. I would image that on Tranquility most plexes will be occupied, so it will be even harder to find one. I thought the purpose of this was for people to quickly find some content to do in EVE. So that if they only have 1 hour to play - they could quickly find a plex and run it with friends. But with this - they may end up spending one hour just looking for plex, then leaving frustrated.

I find ship faction restriction very annoying.

I didn’t find an easy way to hide friendly NPCs at the site. When I hid them from overview - it also hid the enemy NPC ships. What’s the purpose of those guys anyways? To help a little? In that case, you can just remove them and make incoming DPS a bit lighter.

Anyways, good luck with all this. I doubt I would be doing this resource wars thing on Tranq unless some changes are done.

(Chan'aar) #174

Yeah this is a bit of a pain.

(Circumstantial Evidence) #175

I think the Mining Expedition chat channel window should:

  1. Have an MOTD, and work like the Incursion channels.
  2. Automatically close after a time-out period, after leaving or completing a site.

I completed a level 2 Minor site today, in Minmatar space. Republic Fleet friendly NPC’s were spawning and helped a solo Venture complete the site. The NPC cruisers were more interested in fighting each other, the frigates focused on my frigate - it seemed appropriate.

(Chan'aar) #176

Oh hell yes!

(Sylvia Kildare) #177

Yeah, it does seem a bit different than what the initial announcement made us think, BUT… there’s nothing stopping people from coming in combat ships with mining bots or with mining ships with combat bots. Doing both at once is likely to be the best idea so you’re never in a site with only miners or only combat ships.

I haven’t done the new Ascension drifter storyline tutorial, but the career missions, which I believe still exist, give out multiple ship hulls and you can do them for all 12 newbie NPC corps if you want (aka 3 times per empire faction). After hurting my Amarr/Caldari standing as a Gallente newb who didn’t know not to accept the anti-Amarr and anti-Caldari L4s for the first few months, I helped repair my standings by doing one of the 3 Caldari newbie career mission sets (all 45 mishes) and then again for one of the 3 Amarr ones later on.

Geckos in ghost sites? Is that low/null only or something? Never seen a gecko in a ghost site before but I’ve only done the HS ones. Plenty of (low/mid-grade) ascendancy implant BPCs and shattered villiard wheels or whatnot there. I know the better mid-grade and the high-grade ones are only in low and null and WH, but… geckos weren’t even around when ghost sites started, so. o_O

(Sylvia Kildare) #178

BTW, I noticed the Porpoise missing from the updated ORE ship list as well, but based on the dev saying command ships were tier 4, then I presume Porpoise can go into tier 4 (and 5) as well, with Orca being restricted to just tier 5 (sniff).

I guess there’s a small chance Porps could go into tier 3, but since that’s where you can start bringing tech 1 mining barges, I dunno… but Porps aren’t a t2 ship, so. Eh, either way. 3 or 4, safe bet.

Nice, so doing these in the Sansha parts of Amarr HS space will yield a mix of neuting and TD, eh? :slight_smile:

But in Gal space, it’ll be more Serps with your Serps, in Cal space more Guri with your Guri, and in Min space more Angels with yer Angels. Ah well.

Logi have drone bays. Bring combat drones to pew pew or bring mining drones to mine with. Boom, now you can logi. Or just logi from a Porpoise or Orca in the higher level sites, where you can more efficiently also do combat/mining at the same time.

That’s a great idea, but there’s just one issue if you leave them with the default 2 minute timeout the incursion constellation chat has… if you can chain multiple of these in one system or even just 1j away, you’re going to potentially have 2 or 3 (or more) of these channels open at a time. They need to be titled something helpful to tell them apart (either “Mining Exp #1, #2, #3, etc.” for each individual person based on the order they opened in or else “tier 3 (system name here) (start time here)” and “tier 5 (same system name) (different start time)” or something).

… so, unless they can do that, I’d vote for making the chat close like 5-15 seconds after the site despawns to reduce chat channel clutter and reduce confusion. It will kill some convos in mid-sentence, though, I’m sure.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #179

if you don’t get a kill or you don’t drop ore into the orca you don’t get any rewards for the site.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #180

what are you talking about even with alpha skills they were trivial once you figured out the needed venture fit

(Dave Stark) #181

or just don’t bring a completely redundant logi ship.

if you’re not mining - you’re not contributing.

(Almirante Thanassis) #182

Yes, and soon as an Alpha as well…

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #183

can confirm finally managed to do the highest level sight. there is 0 need for any form of combat ship to run these. being in one just means you are doing the site slower

(Chan'aar) #184

How many characters did you use?

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #185

2 for the 5 everything else i have done solo

(Chan'aar) #186


Care to share the fits you used? Curious how you mined 50,000 ore in 15mins.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #187

Really? You can mine the 10k in under 4 with a venture…

Are you canceling your cycles properly?

(Chan'aar) #188

errr what now?

Using a survey scanner to work out what’s in the rocks?

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #189

Or just trial and error. Non of them hold anyplace close to a full cycle. Most are less than half. If you’re running full cycles i can understand why you think 15 min is not much time

(Dave Stark) #190

i found most rocks popped with less than quarter of a cycle for my ships. no implants, perfect skills, no boosts, no mlus.

i had a bigger issue getting to the rocks, and then getting to the orca, than anything else.

even with a 10mn afterburner the distance you need to travel while detouring to do the mining is just too much to do solo.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #191

run them in prospects mwd + ab fit. shut off the mwd and use the ab if webbed