Lights Out

Bored is the right word, with 80-90% of all the content out there being just semi-afk multiboxing boner nerds.

Not the kind of people ANYONE would want to spend and waste their time playing with.

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Please contact me in game

/ let’s keep it on the down low as Aiko did cast a spell.

Exactly. I simply would rather not play the few mulitiboxers that remain and refuse to log in all my accounts to play at once. I already know them, I have more accounts than them, I have more experience. I have more isk. Dont get it twisted… its not boredom. Its lack of any options. Like the dude said, “back in my safe TTT tower close to jita” <<< EXACTLY

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Just saying… The other space sims currently in the market. Elite Dangerous, No Mans Sky, Star Citizen, are not full of that much depth also.

Try FPS/Mobas if you want to get out of the space genre.

For me personally my next videogame purchases will be city builders and I have my eye on “Hooded Horse” as a publisher who is working with studios on some new single player space titles.

MMOs are known for their slow consistent gameplay. They aren’t exactly the pioneers of expanding “the world” within their games. It’s why I am growing my single player library.

Best of luck in trying out different games. Or no games at all! Noone truly quits EVE :wink: We would need a screenshot of biomass to confirm that. Noone ever seems to provide it… :man_shrugging:

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I agree and understand.

Is there a separate term for digital make-believe simping or is it still just ‘simping’?

¯\_ (ツ)_/¯


Point being you, personally, are probably bored of it, not everyone universally.


god is female…

If God is a God. And there’s only one God. It has no gender. That’s why it tells you not to ■■■■ for fun, spank your carrot, or go to fetish clubs.

God just doesn’t get it.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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look just ask you know who in New Eden and that pilot will clear things up for you

/ the fool I am with the way in which I conducted myself here on this thread :face_with_spiral_eyes::mans_shoe:

I see no difference in sitting at a keyboard spamming F1 for someone …… or submission to someone as powerful as :princess:

The action of accepting or yielding to a superior force or authority of another Pilot in New Eden.

It is the exact same thing.

Took another stroll around FW space last night prime time … with a faint and nostalgic glint of hope …

Yet the place was plainly put : Dead.

All that remains are a bunch of multiboxing losers grinding LP and isk :

ie. Driving away any content they could have left to use that isk on, and play with.

Eve has truly become a sad, stupid, sterile shadow of its former self.


But are you still around? When are you going to turn out the lights?


Future conversations can still continue even when the lights are out.

Reached out to @Erik_Doshu and so far would have to agree his replies indicate that he is a member of Mensa.

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Bit over the top there. It’s a sad shadow of what it was six months ago, but it isn’t entirely dead.

Recent history is kinda tragic. There was so much excitement, so much promise, so many players, and CCP pissed it all away.

Being content to get content!

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The undead are never fully dead,

But they’re dead alright.