Limited Expedition Mining [Dont Bother]

Lets make a long story short…
Was on a mission [go fetch it lvl1] few systems away in my Venture. Popping through the systems noticed Limited Expedition Mining… Popped over to take a look on the way back with my Cargo… Seen it was a level one… Hey… I used to do these back in the day… Ill pop in real quick its only a little amount of ore to brake up the monotony.

That lasted all of about 8 seconds till I was popped. The little crap Venture was trashed so fast I didn’t even get my lasers on, or my drones back in before I was popped… Oh and lost the mission cargo too… That was a nice bonus.

Is this normal? Or is this some fluke? I am not risking it again because in case the developers forgot this ISK is real money. I had to pay money out of my pocket for that ISK that you just blew up… Thankfully it was just a Venture.

Can we please hire some ADULT developers… These Children you have working on the game do NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!

Let me get this strait… You are wanting me to pay you to play against OP AI that blows up my stuff so I have to go buy more Plex to play the game I am paying for on top of too.? Correct?

And you wonder why the population is leaving.

After this experience do the developers honestly think I will ever do one of these again… more over, risk a 300mil rig in one of these. You are out of your damn minds. We have very limited options of what to do in this game and CCP seems hell bent on ruining them all.

I fell like a sucker for having a paid account. Its why I shut the other two off… and this one is shortly going to follow more than likely. This isn’t Eve Online…

Blowing peoples stuff up with OP AI so they have to buy more stuff and maybe have to buy Plex isn’t game play development… That’s a marketing scam. and all this stuff seems to be geared towards the people who just started, or started a new character, or just got back to the game and don’t know you’ve gone crazy.

We are not HERE to play against OP AI. Who did these guys blow to get these jobs. This isn’t supposed to be gambling… we are not supposed to be rolling craps on some random dictate, or decision of the AI.

I have only been back less than a month and I am pretty much done with all of this… I came back to play with the community of players not some goofy OP AI that I have to run a gauntlet through every time I want to sell something at the trade hub if I can make it through.

You owe me $4 bucks already this month. Ill take it in SP as apparently you need 10 mil SP just to run a lvl1 Mining Expedition Mission. lol

Listen CCP when you end your game days with more bad days than good days… That’s not a good thing. Just saying.

I don’t know what you all think… but I am seriously questioning my return to this game.

This is some over the top meddling in a supposed player driven, developer hands off game. You can really shake things up CCP buy just shut our screens off and give us a black screen at a critical moment. That way you don’t even have to bother coding OP AI, or sending people in on a lvl 1 mission when its a lvl 3.

Whatever, not like I am going to lose a paycheck over this.


You are supposed to feel embarrassed by your inadequacy and then resolve to git gud.


eve is really, really not for you, believe me. Find any other mmo with an epic quest where npcs will congratulate you and tell you how you are mighty and awesome because you collected 10 stones or killed 10 wolves, and how you will be the savior of the world.
because YOU were bad, here. It is not the dev’s fault.
just google “limited expedition mining”, and you can find
where it is written "In a limited mining expedition site, you need to mine 10,000 units of ore and deposit it in the friendly Orca, while under attack from enemy frigates. "
so you are not even able to google it, to read correctly, you enter a site with npcs in one of the most fragile ship in eve, a ship dedicated for mining, which has nothing to do with fighting, and… it is CCP dev’s fault??? are you kidding???

good riddance

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Wow, dude, good rant.

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2/10 :parrot::parrot:

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from this I deduce your venture had to have either crap fit, or was piloted in crap way or both.

nah they just want you to git gud and not loose to an absolutely crap NPC frigs…


nobody forces you to buy plexes either…

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Wow, sorry to hear that. I agree with some of your statements.

Those sites are not intended for solo play, they were specifically designed for group play. There should be some sort of message stating that when warping to the site. If not then CCP is definitely living up to their initials - Can’t Code Properly.

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No. It’s ISK.

Real money is real money.



That’s not how any of this works, Karen.


Sorry can’t help myself… but that first line in the OP made me laugh…

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Are the expeditions even worth doing? I was under the impression that the rewards(read ship packs bought with LP and ISK) were worth less than the ISK it cost to buy them.

They aren’t. That’s why no one run expect rookies. Because of “mining”. You clearly see results in this rant topic.

Limited Expedition is part of a content called Resource Wars that was implemented some years ago but people never bothered to do it because the rewards weren’t really worth it (LP store was basically lootboxes filled with T1 ships and modules, something that cannot be sold for a profit against the cost in ISK to buy them).

much like with mining missions you’re not supposed to use regular belt mining ships because you will get blapped by the rats. to properly run a Limited you need a Venture fitted for tank and with good skills so you can mine the asteroids in the site faster and you save some seconds in the orca (there’s extra bonuses for finishing in record time).

the minigame was supposed to be about playing together to finish quickly and get good cash but since EVE is horribly designed in regards to multiplayer activities and people prefer to just make alts it wasnt really worth doing 90% of the time in the long run, even if the sites pay as much raw ISK as Security Missions (minus the horrible LP stock).

i personally made a few bucks out of it by investing some isk into buying the clothing from the LP stores and then reselling in the market. everything else is just not worth buying since is stuff players can produce via industry.

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the proc box was worth using because of the reduced volume.

so i ran into the same issue as you. ran 1 & 2s years ago solo in a venture, so i have people asking about them, while im out and looking my fleet member didnt say he was 22 jumps off on the other side of the galaxy,

figured why the hell not, ill do it solo

as soon as i warp in i go to establish orbit around one of the flags, after burner on and while im locking up the rats i notice the rats are DIAMONDS.

they put diamond rats in RW that already no one was doing before people saw it pointless due to lack of rewards.

the 2 frigs i were holding off in my venture but the cruiser got in range and almost 1 shot the veture from 1/2 shields to hull.

The already made people not want to do RW due to lack of LP store being rewarding but ventures and t1 ships vs diamond rats?


Make sure you are using the right ship for the tier. T1 is Ventures. Higher tier you need barges with active tank and shield drones even if in a group for the highest.
Diamond rats are not some OP ship always, they are just a mark of a particular behaviour that uses a smarter “AI”. They are built similar to player ships so you also don’t see laser ravens, but their exact stats can be set wherever the Devs want.
Do also note that the sites reward combat ships as well when the site finishes so consider teaming up with someone in a tanky combat ship who will fight the rats for you.

Please link your 300mil venture loss lol.

On a serious note, you are seriously sounding like you need to just join a newbee corp and learn the game a little. Eve is easier to learn when you make some friends. The learning curve is steep in this game and you stumbled into a wierd piece of pve without knowing what you were getting into.

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