Linux take over [Good News]

Operating systems now to seem to be adopting some form of Linux no matter what, and it’s nice to have a universal platform within every machine. Mac has the terminal, a powerful tool that is just a slightly less powerful brother to the true BASH. Android having its own terminal and being made from the kernel itself. Now, windows is adopting Linux too, but to an immensely high degree. They have adopted almost on schedule updates, added their own rendition of the terminal, and now

Entire Linux environments can be run inside windows. One user even managed to run Ubuntu in Windows 10, not just the terminal version and not even in a virtual machine but two unique operating systems (and kernels) running in tandem. So these little releases are able to be both the dominant system and a feature.

If it works fully side by side then Windows security could also be enhanced, running antivirus from an environment immune to the majority of viruses around to remove a threat while Windows is online. The possibilities are endless… and that’s why it was removed in the S version :stuck_out_tongue: would undermine all their work.

Go Linux!


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Linux is basically everywhere the dominant system except on the desktop. Since the desktop is the only thing 95% of all the people see they obviously think Linux is a niche OS.

I have no idea what that Microsoft Linux container thingy in Windows 10 should be good for? I guess it’s manly for developers who want to run docker etc. , but then why not just use a real Linux workstation anyway?

And Mac, that’s just another Unix and has nothing to do with Linux at all.

One thing I learned is that Linux can supersede admin, so if a file or such says “you can’t delete this” you can just wipe it out without having to boot to usb. Yes, it’s meant for devs and enthusiasts but if they keep adopting Linux and working with those dev teams, maybe they can make something great together.

Also no need to disable fast startup and company monitoring tools wouldn’t get shut down :wink:

Mac feels like what Linux would be if money was the top priority

Yeah, welcome to the world of free (libre) software, where you control the program and not the other way around. :grin:

Until Lennart Poettering is involved…

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I use OpenRC and EVE has no sound anyway

You can route around pulseaudio, but what about this pid1 clusterfuck?

It’s driven me off to OpenBSD for the most part. No regrets.

As I said, I use OpenRC, this is still the standard in Gentoo

Mh, must have overlooked that. But I don’t know. I don’t really see a viable future for a systemd-free Linux. More and more software depends on it and it digs itself ever deeper into the ecosystem.

Patching and maintaining a systemd-free alternative becomes more cumbersome by the minute.