Linux Software... for everyone

I’m sur emost Linux users know this but not so sure if Windows/Mac users know… I thought I’d just spill out some of the best Linux software that gives Proprietary people cough cough adobe and apple cough cough a run for their money. Speaking of money, it’s all free, cause Linux

Photoshop > Krita and Gimp [Also in the Windows 10 Store]

Adobe Illustrator > Inkscape [Also in the Windows 10 store]

Media Software > VLC, Kodi [Stripped down version available in the Windows 10 store]
image [also available in the Windows 10 store]

Sound editing > Audacity

Video editing > OpenShot [Has far less features than the Linux version]

Music Creation > LMMS, Ardour

Adobe Animate > Synfig Studio

3D Modeling > Blender

OS integration [Ubuntu]

Emulation > RetroArch

So have fun with what you got, and I hope someone finds these tools useful for them


They have versions for Windows and Mac too

Edit: Most have the GPL in their package allowing for user modification or compiling for whatever environment is being used.

Linux does tend to get a lot more features though, at least sooner

Glad to see the interest


Krita was new to me, after testing it (some abstract doodling << ) the UI looks and works pretty well. Missing few properties from GIMP that I’m custom to but drawing freehand is much more fluent.

Thanx for sharing the info :thumbsup:

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I would also add Ardour to the list of audio related software. GNU to the grave, baby!


Too bad TÜBİTAK ruined Pardus. :neutral_face:

Linux is my favorite OS, used it for over a decade. For those that don’t know, you can even install it side-by-side with your windowz os and have a dual-booting partition that allows you to run either at will. There are many flavors of linux os, i recomend Linux Mint.






And none of these awesome graphic/video editing tools can import my adobe presets :frowning:

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other than krita supporting psd, adobe is not compatible with these in any way for licensing reasons


Get outta here with that lameness.

yeah, it’s lame to not be a dumb consumer. it’s lame to be someone who actually wants to own his system, who actually has a clue about his system, who can modify and improve his system at will, who doesn’t want to throw money away for software that can be obtained for free and isn’t just a license which allows usage.

What are you, a 14 year old /r/pcmr kid?

if making smart choices is lame, then what are you? :slight_smile:


I don’t like windows 10, just stayed with 7. I would probably switch over to ubuntu or mint if I could get some of my games working on it. If I could get Eve, some of my old command and conquer, and a few others going I would love it… Do not say try Wine, it’s been hit or miss for me.

And I know it’s stupid, but I have so much trouble installing software like I’m a complete idiot :margaritaparrot:

I’m curious to know what hardware you have…

Linux has hardware autodetection and for installing software there is a package manager, kinda like an app-store. So no special knowledge needed to operate.

Not sure about the C&C stuff, there is at least one open source version for one of the old C&C games. For EVE there is a Linux installer available, linked in the Linux forums.


There are basically two options to install software on Linux derivatives.

  1. Package managers (this should always be your priority option).
  2. Compile from source and / or build a package yourself.

While downloading the binaries and putting them somewhere also works, it gets messy when you want to clean up or update.

a notebook running optimus, but i don’t use the dedicated gpu. works flawlessly. was running debian, solus, now running lubuntu after solus decided to suddenly dislike my machine. will switch away from lubuntu eventually, to get rid of systemd. i’m not a purist or hardcore linuxian, but i can’t support what my brain identifies as an attempted powergrab and their devs are the best described using words not allowed around here.

ah, wait, you ask in respect to me saying i own my system? well, i own it more than if i used windows. the only blob that’s running is for the wifi. i have to live with that. vOv

eehhh, old CnC work in dosBox. :slight_smile: for anything else there’s VMs and gpu passthrough nowadays.

linux distributions are great. you can look up everything and it’s all explained. :slight_smile:

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She probably talks about those hardware backdoors built into the cpu/chipset this days. There are some systems you still can get without that, but that’s very dated hardware. Anyway, there is not really a way around that currently, and I agree that while not perfect, floss improves the ownership question dramatically.

As for systemd, there are options available to avoid it (openrc, etc. ) but seriously, there are good reasons why they developed it. We may not all agree about everything, and that is totally ok, there are always ways do avoid a particular software in floss.

Written on a ubports mobile :grin: with all floss and no autocorrection :sweat_smile:

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from what i’ve learned is systemd a cancer and potentially dangerous. thats not anyone elses opinion being parrotted by me, but my own conclusion.

ohhh yes, i remember, you’re one of the ubuntu touch users! i always wondered about replacing android… also: you type well. :smiley:

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actually there is special knowledge needed, but only if you have specific hardware modules… anything Broadcom seems to have trouble with the open source drivers, the wifi and Ethernet hates the tg3 driver…

but a simple, connect Ethernet and install

sudo apt install firmware-b43-installer

usually works… Other than that, it works like a dream

Edit: [corrected a spelling mistake, spelled needed with a “3”]