Apple announced they will be dropping Intel silicon

So Apple announced that they are going to be completely dropping support for Intel silicon in about 2 years time with new system coming out at the end of 2020 with their Arm processors. How will this effect your Mac players?

Who cares


this is news?

Been coming for a long time, a big open secret

Good for Linux, more ARM options for laptops are needed badly, and all that old Apple hardware will be repurposed for Linux, a new batch of older handme down used Apple hardware to hit the market

Load up on Softbank group (ARM Holdings), ARM is in fashion

Where you don’t have CISC you end up with specific modules on the die for ARM (such as AES-NI on CISC becomes an encryption module on ARM RISC die)

Low power is great, however, we do need speciality modules on the die for those kind of high demanding tasks (AES-NI boosts d/encryption laptop storage performance by 5x to 10x) (that means LUKS works without massive CPU spikes as it will do that without AES-NI on older CISC CPU’s,)

Eve Onilne for Linux… still waiting … Eve Online for Mac will be dropped?

Will be great to have an option to dump Intel and their hidden layers of on die OS’s they disable for government but give to the rest of us.

Linux on ARM is where you want to be imo

What we really need is to get moving with open bios’s (yes there is open source free bios firmware) and a complete open source stack from the silicon to the screen (and yes there is open source CPU’s and GPU’s)

There will probably be a fairly long transition period (remember the fat binaries during the PowerPC > Intel move). Current Macs will still be perfectly usable for years to come. Even bloody Apple can’t get away with forcing obsolescence that quickly :slight_smile:

Whether CCP wants to continue supporting a niche platform (at least for gaming) is another matter.

Personally I’m not too worried. I work primarily on Macs, but by then I’ll have repurposed at least one older Intel Macbook Pro to a Win/Linux machine that can still run EVE well enough. Worst case, I’ll get a cheap, basic gaming rig. I was never a big Windows fan, but hey — whatever works.

And bringing EVE to Arm Macs may be more doable than we think. I imagine some of the groundwork has already been laid by bringing EVE Echoes to Android & iOS; some of that experience and know-how may go a long way?

Well, I am dumping Windows everywhere I can, and non native apps/games with it. Windows installs will be an exceptional case by case basis and gaming is not an exceptional case. I see it as more of an opportunity to get a life :rofl:

Linux on the desktop is ready, end of the world is incoming, extinction level event soon

Was quite a jouney, mainframe custom systems to proprietary Unix to Slackware to the laptop/desktop

Sad thing is, it’s becoming a walled garden of app store battles and internal architecture takeovers

Being someone who supports users on the desktop, I beg to differ.
Windows is barely ready.
MacOS is barely ready.

Because it’s not just about the OS. It’s about the entire infrastructure.

Aside from that, you’re not going to see Windows going away in large enterprises, because the others don’t provide appropriate management tooling, in an easy to manage fashion.

Sure, for someone who knows what they’re doing they’re fine. Most people don’t know. Most people don’t care.


oh shush I was making a joke about the end of the world, and well, yes for ME and people like me it is ready, there’s more than one target user group, for some users, computers will never be ready

large enterprise users don’t care, they just call their IT if their app doesn’t work, and go for coffee

seen people only work on one thing at a time rather than multi-task to get their computer upgraded, and it worked, they said “well if you want me to do that I stop doing this, can’t do both at the same time”, and yes, that works


i guess CCP will look on the % … windows and mac users
after that they will look how much work it is and how high the costs are to bring up a new version of EVE 4 ARM/MacOS …
if there are enough mac users now … most will get a new mac sooner or later so there will be a ARM version of the mac version of eve … if not … well …


The client is written in python mixed with C or C++, I forgot.

Python and C/C++ for all ARM architectures already exists. Considering that all the fundamental APIs are not going to go away at all, because millions of programs rely on them, it is most likely that the transition will go rather smoothly. Recompile, check for issues, fix the issues, done.

Apple might be extending or expanding some APIs,
or maybe creating new ones, but that’s about it.

ARM and Apple together isn’t a new thing.
It’s just a new thing specifically in regards to Macs.
Apple already has a whole ecosystem around ARM.

Incompatibility with old software would be a death sentence,
so most likely all it’s going to take is a recompile and adjustments.

Apple might do it like they did when they transitioned from Power to x86,
forcing developers to provide compiled binaries for both architectures in one file.

Because, as it used to be in mainframe days that “nobody got fired for buying IBM”, it’s now “nobody gets fired for buying Windows” - mainly because it’s the only operating system the executive-level pointy-heads have ever heard of…

Mac’s already have ARM in them, just not for the main CPU

They’ve done this before, not a big deal for them really and they have good experience with ARM anyway and transitioning

With cost cutting coming to companies post-pandemic, you’re going to be seeing either great deals from Microsoft, more outsourcing or a switch to Linux, IBM bought RedHat remember, MS had Xenix, eyeing up Canonical… Google already is an Ubuntu house, Windows as a paid for OS is pretty much dead (even W10 is no longer forced activation, Apple is a hardware/service company not OS company, MS is moving the same

Want Office on Linux, it’s already there, in Firefox, government institutions are paying for all that stuff online (unless they have a policy of buying domestic)

These companies are media companies, service companies, hardware companies, the day of the paid for off the shelf OS (and in some cases apps too) is dead/dying, you want people to have access to your services, predictable steady growing subscription revenue

Great for Linux imo

It’s the equivilent to free to play for OS’s as it was for gaming

I’m pretty sure this will only affect the 17 or so EVE players who use a Mac to game with. A Mac is good for two things. Video editing/production, and being used as a boat anchor…


Looking cool in pretentious coffee shops and proving that product placement in young adult TV shows works wonders for selling overpriced laptops.


Apple - “for the rest of us” well no, it’s really seen as a luxury device

lovely bit of software and hardware, I give it that, but, too walled in for my liking

I favour liberty over capitivity

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mac is good
its clean , its “bug free”, its good to do stuff , im a mac guy and i love it
i have one 2009 imac and one 2014 imac
i use the 2014 on to this day
wen i bought the 2009 there was no games for mac , then steam came and the golden age, at the peak “most of the games” had a windows and a mac version , now with mac os catalina the games are going aways, the old ones are not compatible , because of that I’m using high sierra and don’t pretend to update ever, and some new ones are dropping the release of a mac version , i sense a lack of games for mac coming in the future
but this is cyclical , there are mac guys and people like to game, time will fix it
but this topic made me sad, i cant live without eve , and the future is uncertain

A prison, no matter how nice and comfortable, is still a prison

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yeah but windows suck :smiley:

well, many things about Linux sucks too lol

if any day i stop using macs ill move to linux , windows no more

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