Little help with new character

(T'soni) #1

any idea’s?

(lost packet) #2

I don’t get it what do you need help with? Dressing it up?

(T'soni) #3

yeah that coat im wearing, you ccan put it on, but when i re log it vanishes

(Nora Maldoran) #4

You made sure you have that coat in your hangar when you try to equip it?
If so you might want to try to clear the cache in your game files. I could imagine this could cause the reset.

(T'soni) #5

no , not in the hanger, i can only see it when i make a new character. then seems to vanish when im in-game.

(Nora Maldoran) #6

That seems like a bug to me then.
This kind of coat is usually an item you can acquire in the game.
It is no default piece of clothing you should have available if you don’t have the actual item in your hangar.

I recommend you send a ticket for this.
But don’t expect an answer soon as it seems rlike a rather minor problem to me.

Have you tried to clear your cache files?