Little things for PVE

Could we get some improvements to NPC spawning?
I mean that poping out of nowhere is really old and anticlimatic, wouldn’t be better if they just warp into field? Or some of them uncloack?

Also would be cool if capital spawns be more dramatic, something like Aura saying: “Warning :exclamation:Capital signature detected!”
Same for officer, faction spawns so players would feel and know that something special is happening.
Also environment effects could get some voice communicates. Players and especially newbies will be better awere of soroundings.

Finally, a little NPC acting.
Giving them randomly (very rarely) voice lines with little short popup window showing thier hologram or avatar (as it was shown some time ago for aura hologram for newbies) or just for special NPCs like those faction, officer, some from missions. Let’s say messages when they attack, some when they die like even their screaming before dying.
Possibilities are cool and funny, let’s say some special funny lines like NPC screaming on their companies like real EVE FCs :smiley: or “I will show You that not everything is about friend SHIP!”

Different color for those officer, faction wrecks could be also helpfull, this will intrigue newbies if they saw that so they deffinitely would check them and be more sucked into game.

Simple addons like that would make PVE a lot more fun, cool and more addictive.

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