Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Would be a task of epic proportions to do this. Better to know this stuff yourself from experience because sometimes what’s listed under mastery really isn’t needed.

Out of curiosity, when a new alpha copies a fit from the web and it overloads power or CPU, is it obvious to them what skills to train? How would they learn?

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Real issue, but I don’t see how this would solve it?

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Is mastery going to tell them the “core skills?” My guess is no. At least in it’s current iteration, to me it doesn’t really sound like the kind of thing to be listed there. I could be wrong but I’m almost certain capacitor management isn’t listed on EVERY ships mastery page. I could be wrong there, I simply haven’t looked.

Skills that affect every ship should be in their own category or something, i.e cpu, pgrid, cap, inertia, etc should be a skill group called “universal” or “global” or something. mastery is ship specific, RIGHT?

What I REALLY think you want is an eve client version of a function in eve fitting tool. You could right click a module and “change affecting skill.” I think what you really want is a tab for “affecting skills, implants & boosters.” Think of a shorter name. This makes more sense to me. I foresee a problem with boosters though. Someone like scan res you can affect with a booster without needing a scan res module, cloak, sebo, spectrum breaker, Sig amp etc.

Edit: something*
And I just fixed the problem by having boosters like that listed on the info window of ships.

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Suggestion: Checkbox to hide Blueprints in a locked container that cannot be used to start jobs.
Keywords: UI, industry window, locked items, locked containers
Notes: Having to scroll through hundreds of blueprints to find the container with the accessible blueprints or having to switch Inventory Locations every time I want to do something just because some blueprints are locked while other job types have no locked items is inconvenient.

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Suggestion: Make it easier to add certain skill levels to the queue by allowing to drag the respective level square to the queue.
Keywords: UI, skill training, skill queue, skill adding
Notes: I just spent 50 clicks to add 10 skills to the queue to train them to L5. This could have been 10 click&drag instead.


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i will make this as an actual thread on the forums given responses.

@Drogon_Mace This thread is about small qol suggestions and you may want to stick with the suggested format and keep it short.

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apologies, not sure if QOL is more towards the user interface or game play, i went with some small game play stuff, theres just a lot of them. for me small QOL changes would be regarding things like immersion of game play, the small things make the whole thing more enjoyable in my humble opinion.

Your idea is more for player feature and ideas. And with your layout, they wouldn’t have seen this.

This section is for small things that devs do in their own time to add to the game. Reading the first post here would have told you that

have deleted it and will make it, its own thread, apologies for posting on the wrong thread.

Suggestion: Let us change the output destination of a manufacturing job after the job was started.
Keywords: UI, Industry, Blueprint, Jobs
Notes: I keep my blueprints and materials in different containers to make it easier to search for things. And I like to have the final product to be delivered into another container. But from time to time I forget to change the output location, and the product ends up delivered in the wrong container.
Can we just get access to the output location dropdown even after starting the job so we can change it on the fly in case of mistake ?

Suggestion: Keep the same settings between jobs.
Keywords: UI, Industry, Blueprint, Jobs
Notes: I have 1 container for my blueprints, 1 container for my materials and that never changes.
At the moment, each time I start a job, the input and output are reset to a default location.
So when I have to start multiple jobs, I have to set the containers each time.
Can you make it to automatically use the previous settings ?
And if you do not want to store it in the client or the server, you could at least do it for the duration of the play session.
I do not mind it doing it once per time I play, just not every single job.

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Suggestion: Ability to use locator agents remotely
keywords: UI, Neocom
Note: would genuinely help a range of players have better hunts

as it stands to track down a player you have to have locator agents, which is fine, however typically people are often on the other side of the universe, you have to jump clone and then death clone home, could we not just have them in our neocom somewhere?

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very few agents are remote, these agents shouldn’t be among them… you wanna find someone, do the work and find a agent close by to you…

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so if you’re not able to jump clone across the universe, you should find a local agent and grind for about a week to use a local agent which would then effect possibly the standings you have already earned and most likely wish to keep?

seems like using locator agents is a headache, would make sense to just allow us to have say 1 agent we can contact remotely through our neocom. we already have address books, yet no quick dial to the people who’s services which get used.

this response is the equivelent of
“don’t save the phone number for your local doctor, when you get sick, go to the office, ask for the number go home then book an appointment”

we can communicate with people across a vast universe but having one locator to hand is just too much?

there’s other ways of raising the standings for local agents… i’m apart of a service that raises the standings with zero negative impact to you.

Yes, that is too much.

Remote access to a locator agent may be a small suggestion but is not a ‘small QoL suggestion’, as it would have large impact on the game when everyone can have locator agents active at any time, rather than putting in the effort of moving your character (or an alt) to a locator agent when you want to use one.

This isn’t at the level of ‘Quality of Life’ improvements: this will have a big impact on gameplay when everyone can at any time just turn on locator agents rather than scouting to know where the hostile gang went.

We could discuss it in another thread, this thread isn’t the place for discussions (or suggestions that go beyond small QoL changes).

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Please @Drogon_Mace go back up and look at CCP Karkur’s replies here, and see what they consider “little things”.

this is an example of what are “little things” and are implemented, cause one or two devs can tackle these unlike a whole team, which takes away from the entire game.

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yes it is.

i respectfully disagree.

I understand that perhaps the idea is ambitious and not within the capabilty of a couple of devs specifically and that’s okay if thats the case and naturally no disrespect is meant to those devs.

but in truth I stand by my post inital post on this one.