Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Mark Factions/Corp as 'Favourite’
Keywords: ui, standings, interactions
Note: Ability to have Factions/Corps you particularly care about listed in a single section up top for easy visibility.

Currently working on standings with several corps, and certain factions, and there are other factions I want to monitor to make sure I don’t drop too low with. However, it’s a chore to find these in amongst the bajillionty other corps/factions that I don’t care about any time I go to check. Current UI allows for sorting by recently changed, high/low, etc. but these I’m needing to monitor are often lost in the middle regardless of sorting order, so having a separate sub-section up top that I can choose to add to or remove from would require much less scrolling and hunting, as well as remove the chance of me not noticing that a certain faction I care about has dropped below my needed standing and needs a boost.

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Suggestion: A Hotkey for Fleet Warp

Keywords: ui, hotkey, shortcut, fleet
Note: Fleet warp by pressing a single key… amiright?

This is the very definition of a “little thing” that would eliminate the current slow and cumbersome menus required to fleet warp. Please.


its on the notification… not sure which one it is, but its there.

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Suggestion: Nullify Insurance scams by negating insurance if someone activates a kill right

Keywords: insurance, kill right
Note: Too many players are using the insurance scam these days. if someone uses a kill right on a player then simply negate the insurance for the ship the evil kill righted player is using so they don’t get insurance.


Suggestion: ability to use keyboard Y/N to confirm Contract Delete.

Keywords: ui, contracts, keyboard
Note: Rather than require two clicks, one on the contract, and one somewhere else on the screen at the popup confirmation, just have a right click, Delete Contract, then ability to type “Y” to confirm. Or even better allow me to use keyboard arrows to select contract and keyboard “Del” then keyboard “Y” to confirm. This is a QoL change for alliance or large scale seeders who have to take down 50-100 contracts at the end of a deployment or move of staging. This would easily half the time its takes to do this.

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Suggestion: Automatically repackage undamaged modules/drones when they’re placed in cargo.

Keywords: ui, modules, cargo, qol

Note: Except capital weapons that, I believe, are smaller when repackaged, the rest of the modules/drones have the same volume in both states, so there is no reason to leave assembled modules. Heck, maybe even when moving damaged modules to hangar/container the game could ask if you would like to repair and repackage the modules. Now I do not know if 5 assembled modules take up more space in the database than a single stack of 5 repackaged modules, but I would assume that yes, so maybe this could even improve performance.


You can create many subfolders, this is true. BUT you can only go one layer down i.e.:
[Master Folder] ‘Personal Locations’>
[Subfolder Layer 1] ‘Gate pounces’>
{All Bookmarks regardless of range or type (could be tens of marks per location)}
…and you can’t go further than that.

What I’m asking is more along the lines of i.e.:
[Master Folder] ‘Personal Locations’>
[Subfolder Layer 1] ‘Gate Pounces’>
[Subfolder Layer 2] ‘Warpable’>
{All warpable Bookmarks (150km+)}
[Subfolder Layer 2] ‘Bomb Spots’>
{All bombing-range spots (~30km from gate)}

(sorry if this looks cluttered, I can’t seem to insert appropriate tabbing to format the spacing better…)

…This would allow you to organise and cluster your bookmarks more efficiently so you don’t fill your overview with a ton of marks. This would be a help for scouts/bomber pilots/miners/anyone :grin:

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Can we have an extra button when you dock which removes your cargo for you instead of you having to select which cargo you want to remove.

Obviously it would remove everything and you would have to put back what you want… or maybe you can select what you want then press the button instead of dragging it.

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Suggestion: A fix to the cancel undock feature

Keywords: cancel, undock, button
Note: cancel undock feature rarely works as intended

CCP, can you please fix the delay/latency with the dock/cancel undock button? I find that it works about 5% of the time. Sometimes when I undock it will undock pretty much instantly and go to a black screen before showing space. Other times it will do the proper timer and you actually have time to click cancel undock. Most often, it freezes for about a second rendering the cancel button useless.

Is this down to latency, 32-bit, etc? For reference, my workstation is an i9-9900k and RTX 2080ti running Win 10 on a 970 PRO ssd, do I do not think it is my system’s performance doing it.

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Seconding this. I don’t see a reason for the unpackaging/repackaging system to be in place. It only adds annoyance. It would be very nice if unpackaged items returned to packaged when in a container, cargo bay, hangar, etc. Just removes “clickiness” from Eve.

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Keywords: Corporations

  • Add “Search by region” in corporation application section so players may find corps in a specific region
  • Add “advertisement for region” in corporations advertisement options
  • Set up corporations to that players are by default matched with their current region
  • Require HQ of a corporation to be in the region they are advertising for (this may give way for further refinement to this system)
  • Add Alpha/Omega requirements “option” for corporation Flyers

Creation of a reverse corporate finder this is highly important and will revolutionize eve’s recruitment system

  • Create a system where players can post to find a corp (like how corporations advertise for people, so to should players be able to advertise themselves for a corporation
  • Add the above conditions/options that apply from corporation advertisement

Keywords: Corporations For Hire

  • Move the “corporations for hire” (mercy corps that help in defensive wars) option int a separate UI Element Under social so its more accessible and noticeable.
  • Add new tab to this section for corporations to post their “conditions”
    • Add a condition to " pay per kill"
    • Add a condition to “pay for victory”
    • Add a condition for “hiring bonus”
    • Add a new condition for “victory” (attackers retract war declaration)

Just a few little things:

  • Contract from a container
  • Align to/warp to items in probe scanner/D-scan window using hotkey
  • Optional tab in overview with local bookmarks
  • Bring back hotkey/shortcut to open scan window
  • Show kills with/losses of selected ship in the ship tree

Suggestion : Put every nullsec anomaly behind a subcaps-only gate
Keywords : ratting, anomalies, supercaps, bots, krabbing, hyperinflation
Notes : not really a little thing at all, but it’s a single change that would fix an enormous amount of distortion in the EVE economy. Right now, large alliances can set up standing supercap fleets, deploy one or two supers/titans/carriers to each system, and they can grind out Havens or whatever at such a ridiculous rate that they overwhelm every other ISK-making activity. This floods the market with the bounty-based ISK-faucet, driving the price for plex up along with everything else, and severely distorts the power balance among nullsec alliances.

Smaller alliances can’t start supercap ratting because they don’t already have a supercap umbrella, and they have little other options for their pilots to gain the kind of income stream necessary to support a supercap fleet. So they’re stuck in a low-income rut while larger neighbors build up massive supercap fleets, leading to power consolidation and the death of smaller nullsec sov-holders.

Supercap ratting is also ridiculously easy to automate, making it a prime target for botting. Eliminate it, and supers (and to a lesser extent caps overall) go back to being the heavy, expensive assets they were supposed to be, risky to deploy and difficult to acquire. The ratting faucet returns to being a decent, but not overpowered, source of income for groups of every size.

It’s a blunt tool, but every other pve encounter sits behind some kind of access control. This should as well.


Suggestion: Add warp fleet to the warp button in the agency.
Keywords: agency, warp, Fleet, escalations
Notes: I often run escalations with an alt, it would save time to be able to fleet warp to the start of the site directly from the agency.


Suggestion: Account hangar in stations
Keywords: Account, hangar, station
Notes: Seems like adding another hangar that all three characters on an account can access would be simple enough to do. Would be a lot nicer than having to contract everything, all the time. Heck, make the standard hangar like this? Or option to do that? Anyways, perhaps it’s been suggested in the 1300 posts in this thread!


Suggestion: Overhaul of the Auction feedback system.
Keywords: Auction, Contract
Notes: Currently the aucting feedback is really poor and gets confusing and nerve wrecking really fast. Some of us having bid on more than 20-30 auctions at the same time have a really hard time to tell whats going on. Notifications are all messed up. And we end up having to check every single auction contract manually.

Main problems:
-The notification redirects to the wrong panel or with the wrong filters.
-List of active “Bid on by” “Requires Attention” Auction contracts show false or not enough inromation.

  • Remaining time is not shows.
  • Red “expired” note after every single contract that has been bid on by the player. Even if its a still ongoing contract.
  • Doesnt show if you are the highes bidder or not.
  • Issues after the contract actually expires. Extra notifications. Too long notifications. (You can get notified of the same contract that you didnt win for weeks if the actual winner doesnt claim it)
  • Issue with a contract you bid on doesnt show that you have been outbid or you are the highes bidder in the detailed contract view.

An Auction Contract that is in the “Bid On By” or in the “Requires Attention” filter should show:
“Contract” “Type” “From” “To” “Status” “Time left”(Correctly) and a “Bid Status”(If you are the highest bidder or not)

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Gates would make botting VNIs pretty darn safe with both local and an extra barrier for cloaked hunters. I really only see this putting a dent in risk-averse botting is if the deadspace pocket prevented warp out unless by another exit gate (the exit gate would spit people out at random spots in system to avoid cloaking camping on the entrance gates).

Blops cynos could serve as a secondary way to exit but not enter–no hotdropping caps into the anoms.


this might be hard thing to do but hopefully it isn’t.

Suggestion: When searching for an item in inventory, containers in hangers that contain that item is visible only.
Keyword: Searching, item hanger, inventory
Note: While containers in the hangers that does not contain the item you are searching for is filtered out.

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Suggestion: enhance bookmarks
Keywords: bookmarks, drag and drop, share, ui, coordinates, text field, email, notes
Note: It’s simple, players have been wanting (begging) for bookmark improvements for years !

  • Why isn’t it already possible to drag and drop bookmarks into text fields (emails, channels, notes…) ?
  • Why haven’t you added the possibility to create another Overview tab in which, bookmarks would be displayed ?
  • Why can’t we share several bookmarks at once ?

Do it ! (please)

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Have multibuy interpret fittings as well