Littyl long story my about new beggins


First of all: my english very far from perfect, so sry for miss spelling or wrong use some words.
secund:its loong… but i hope worth to read.

I started play EVE some days ago. I created new character to go hard mode! I plan i go fast as i can to low sec or null sec with my basic corvette and i start live here! Why not? 500k ISK in my poket, i made one station near the lowsec border my new home, if my capsule killed i revive here. So i go to low sec, i heared many rumors how dangerus place is the low sec… my heart like a train: tum-tum-tum

Nothing happened! I see local 7 man and nothing i jumped trought some stargate to find a good place to start. I looked asteroid belts and i found red npc teams mining here! I tryed go close but from 40 km npc started target my ship… i know it is noot good! my max fire range ~10 km … So i tryed find empty belt or easy npc to kill… after some trying i found one empty belt with one npc i tryed go cloe and try my luck… fthe npc fired a rocket my == my half ship gone… ok i say warp out! Next thing i saw my ship explosion. Next time i try warp object that in front of my ship.

So i figured out low sec not for my, i lost nothing so not a problem :slight_smile:
I go beck High Sec area near the low sec and i think: maybe i start here! I buy some missile frigatte and start kill rats here in high sec! So i buy a rocket frigatte -300k ISK, and equipment. and i insured my ship. my reamining 130k ISK i plan send buy ammo.

Before i buy this missile ship i cheked my skills i see: rocket launcher operation skill level 1.
So i say its ok i can use rocket launcher! :slight_smile:

Wehen i fit my first rocket laucher my missile ship system warned my: you cant use this item: need light missile skill to use this.

i say okay not a problem i buy a skill book andi fix this. but… no one selling this specific skill bok this system!
#epic fail!
i paitent very patient. so i go back more 10 jump to look skill book.
( from start station i go maybe 12-20 jump to low sec)

i buy the book and inject and i say ok start training… system say: ok but you need missile operation skill lvl 2…
“skill training time 1 h 30 min” or something… i patient, i not go berzek but this point i send maybe 2 hours to fly form home staion to low sec and then back to look my skill book, equip my new ship etc.
Now i know evrything i want to do need to be planed well! ALL REQUIRMENT DUBEL CHEKED!

So i smart, i not want waste my time! i think i use my basic begginer corvette to make money… so i left my new shine not tested missile ship docked other station and i pick my new corvet. Then i go looking asteroid belts for mining and pirate killing. 2 in 1 i make more money wehen i waiting. Remember i hig sec but lower section securitiy some 0.7 or 0.8

I quickli found no asteroid in asteroid belt! All belt my system empty!
Expect soem pirates who near kill my!
Yes i forget the first rule: upgrade your basic gunneri skill to make usefull smoll turets. I trained my self use frigattes not guns or other skills. Becuse i want fly frigattes!
After i found one belt with full of npc miners i know where the belt gone…
#Epic Fail No.2

I say okay not a problem i go loking action finder menu, i cant recal in game name. This menu show near you all battle sites, asteroids agents etc. i love this menu! Lead my empty asteroid belts, and enemy npc’s.soon i found comabt sites!
I say good! goo! asteroid npc not a big deal! i can do this!

Soon i realized i cant, basic equipment not enught. I runed from combat site many times wehen losing my siheld and half of my armor.
I wasted some of my mone to upgraded evrything to better, i buy some gun, ammo and siheld repair module.

Now i have one big problem:
i fear i getting poded, and i very far from my home station. i know npc canot pod my, but maybe a ganker or other player just for fun why not do this?
Better safe than sorry i changed my clone revival station i left 30-40K isk.
I i fine, i think! so i go back combat site to kill pirate npc’s. I feal i strong my new guns and shield repairer can do the job.

The comabt site i jumped from 50 km i see 4 red enemy, i cheked one random enemy info info say: threat level: very low
i say ok! i can kill 4 of them! Nothing to fear! I brave and fear nothing then, i realized something wrong here! the ower view i see some of the pirate name not same as i checked. Before i check this diferent npc some of rocket impacted my ship!
My half siheld gone!
Yes i screwed up agin i forget locate best warp location and i started warp wrong direction… Now i know NPC not fire my pod.

Okay now i have a strange situation :slight_smile:
I lost my corvette and all equipment with it, my last ISK is NOT enught the replace all my lost equipment.
What i can do now? i go eat do things lets my missile skill go full. Then i go undock and kill pirates!
sounds good yes?

I made another big mistake : i buy 100 light missale to my ship.
#Epic Fail No.3

I go some battle some grean site to be sort i run out ammo, and npc used warp distruptor item…
ohh yes and my siheld boster eat all my capacitator energi… becuse i not trained proper skills before…

I fine i have insurance so i go back and buy a miner ship-venture-proer items and go higsec regio to mine.
I tnhink think no way to go some thing here wrong…
Before i buy drones i checked i can use them? answer: NO!
so i have a mining ship good minig items and no way to defend my self aginst npc-s…
i go mine some money nearest belt and orbit from some big asteroid wehen i write down my littil story.
hy possible can go wrong?

Of corse i started write this post and i put some good music to get feeling write down evrything… and i not hear my game warnin sound… so this way i tested NPC pirates not kill capsule! :slight_smile:

#Epic Fail No.4

I not fustrated! i fine :slight_smile:
Now after i lost evrything what gived my the game in the start i learned many things! I lost some ships but who cares? i near thet point i nothing to lose XD
This point i fear nothing becuse i ntohing to lose… if i have a big ship like a crusier or something that bigger a fregatt i have some thing to lose.
But i know now one very importhat thing! I think this is the most important lesson i learned:
Always has a way to back!

I think i win! :slight_smile:
Aginst my fear of losing things, like ships. So maybe next time i write about how going to low sec or other risky things i heared rumors about worm holes and other strange things… maybe worth look it :slight_smile: ( of corse before i do it i stockpile some ships! XD just in case… )

I hope you enjoed my writing, to the end i want say 2 important thing: 65-80% ban evrything true i written here, something not true… i changed the reality to look better as a story.

I hope i write right section of the forum, if i not pls help my fix my mistake. THX!

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