Loading up the badger

Can I fit a packaged Merlyn, Venture, and Herron along with a couple of those large containers you can anchor in space inside a Caldari Badger?

Depends on skills (and thus indirectly if you’re alpha or omega) and fit. Packaged frigates are 2500m³ and giant secure containers are 3000m³. An all cargo extended fit with T1 cargo rigs at indy lvl 1 gets to 16.500m³, at max skills is over 19k. So yes you can depending on how much emphasis you put on cargomods in your fit.

But unless you have access to a station or citadel you won’t be able to use those frigates.

thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Could you move them to a mobile depot and assemble and fit them there? :thinking:

They have to be assembled.

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