Local busted again

There’s something wrong when a war target is in your local system and you use a level 1 locator agent and they aren’t in their area of influence… Here we go again guys. Same problem expecting different results.

Do you see them in local, but when trying to find out if they are docked or in space (including possibly in space or in a citadel), a locator that should be able to find them, can’t?

If so, that doesn’t seem to be local that is bugged, but more an issue on the backend with the locator agent code accessing the cache, or whatever storage method is used to hold the current state of the game.

Look at the bright side. With the new content coming and the ability to switch off stargates maybe local will stop working as well. So this becomes a feature :slight_smile:

Look at the bright side…if they continue to favor this pvp crap that nobody but 5k players want,the other 20k - 25k actual players will leave the game soon and the game will end…

I call what CCP actual does a slow suicide…

And there is only ONE faction to blame for this : THE BITTERVETS…

Dunno bout that.

When the game was a lot more geared towards PVP in the past they had a lot more players online concurrently. It is only after they started all the focus on non PVP items and/or reducing the amount of PVP that things started stagnating.

Bittervets… Carebears… they are all the same in my eyes. They both complain or is grumpy about something. I don’t care for either group.

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He constantly slags off bittervets yet is incredibly bitter that the game doesn’t cater to him; in combination with the fact that he claims to have been playing for 15 years, he’s everything he claims to detest, a bittervet…


Yeah but i did not want to say that. :slight_smile:

lol that makes you a nicer man than me; not that I particularly care if I hurt his feelings, I think he’s an utter wazzock.






  1. a stupid or annoying person

Look at you, expanding your knowledge of English everyday :stuck_out_tongue:

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He expanded mine too. Definitely not a word that has carried over from England to Australia and I don’t even recall ever hearing/reading that before. Mustn’t be a common insult.

Good possibility though that you’ve used it in the wrong context. :slight_smile:

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Wazzock is an insult from up Lancashire way. It’s not common down south where I live but heard it a lot when my old man was in the military.


You really know a lot of these.
Thank you for teaching me, senpai!


It’s when we get excessively polite that you want to start worrying, because that’s when we’re really insulting you.

/sips tea, evilly.

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Keep beating that same tired old drum, balos. Like all things, EvE will someday come to an end…then you’ll finally feel so good about yourself!

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