Local Chat is still Borked

CCP You said this Update On Chat System Issues | EVE Online you have never implemented what you said you would do. local chat is broken again how many times do you say you are going to resolve something and then push it backwards 1.5 years !
Pls CCP you must have realised by now you chat back end is arse.


:crazy_face: Sunday bloody Sunday.



We need Local :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Its’ how CCP addresses player toxicity.

Your players can’t be toxic to each other if chat is broken.


I can still launch a can and rename it with my insult though.

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I wonder if we’re allowed to name a structure into an insult aimed at a particular capsuleer. Just a random thought.

A player once named a structure in an insulting manner to mock another player who had committed suicide and CCP did nothing about it, so probably.

I have to admit, I admire CCP for giving us so much freedom in-game.

Is local delayed everywhere yet?

If not, can they just rename it “Mr.Radar”?

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I’m not sure I can stay on topic with this…is it the chat system or is it CCP’s quality control that’s at issue…maybe it’s some anatomical thing I fail to grasp…

Reminder that the chat font is still crappy grey and not the glorious white of old, also pls bold the names again, ty.

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