Local Chat problems

you wrote about the march update
there are a lot of resposes about problems with chats

i saw last night that it is a bit a mess … all can be fixed with no problem but som guys have a war going on and as long as you are not in WH you have an eye on local chat … if it is working

i had 10 guys in my local yesterday and a friend had 17 … all in all i guess it was about 27 becaus his list and my list did not match … i didnt saw him in local but he had me on his list … we where docked at the same station

so with a war going on we cant undock becuse we cant see if there is someone arround … that sucks a bit …

i dont know what others think but as it is not possible to be sure who is arround some guys really wasted a lot of ISK for a war they cant fight

maybe its possible to pause the wars … ggg
maybe not and the ISK is gone and all people in war just dont undock


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