Local Comms Blackout - Discussion Thread - Part Deux!

Absolutely I can.

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If you are so positive this is the case - Why have numbers not returned to what they were a year ago?

What are you basing your “absolute” findings on?

Why does this not show up in ANY of the metrics CCP have released or even on Zkill?

Why do official number given out by CCP not match your findings?

Unless you have access to more information than the rest us - Your “absolute” is nonsense

What numbers are you talking about? I know it’s not player numbers because neither of us have those, nor even does the CSM. What I do know is it’s very common for each player to have 2-10 alts, and it was very common in NS. When BO hit, that wasn’t possible and those players with all those farming accounts left the game (a good thing) and clearly reflected in the drop off in mining.

Actually, as I have posted before, I am. I’m stuck here till Feb and till then, my opinion matters just as little as anyone else’s.

I’m not overly concerned for the boys who used to own 10, 15 and 20 accounts in all honesty. Owning so many accounts makes it difficult for others to compete and if lots of people have excessive accounts then they are somewhat responsible for the state of the game.

1 to 3 accounts should be enough for one person, I for one am glad you’ve had to revise your game due to the BO.

I’ve taken a break from Stain and I am in Hi sec doing missions. I’m having fun tbh I am also signed into the rookie channel to help out the newbro’s with advice. The vibe in there is amazing and it seems there are lots of newbro’s arriving daily, someone is always there saying they’ve just started.

These burner missions have got my attention for the moment and I’m having fun buying and fitting ships for this purpose.

You see for me Eve has never been about how many trillions I can make, It has been about existing within a virtual world, flying with cool folks, working out problems, fighting other fleets.

I know CCP has made mistakes, but I still think this is a damn good game and I will always be here to counter your viewpoints.

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Who said I had to revise my game play due to BO?
And really your reasons for playing are exactly the same as mine, only difference is I like to manufacture things (big things) for myself and others to go blow up stuff and get blown up.

I don’t see those who have more than 2 or 3 accounts as being a problem as long as they play the game as it was designed - The problem lies with those who can’t accept this. I’ve never botted or used any sort of input automation and still manage to run 8 or 9 accounts at a time (out of 15 Omega accounts).

CCP have made many mistakes and sadly will make more.
As for countering my viewpoints - You did nothing of the sort, all you did was list the same reasons for playing as i do. I just choose to do it my way and not the way you do.

I’m sorry but i think you have a very narrow view of what the problems in Nulsec are and how they came about but that is my personal view and I wouldn’t dare to impose such on others who don’t play the same Eve I do.

NB; Try here for your burners Burner Mission - Ship advice to solo them including fittings
It is really helpful.,.

You did, you said you had sold most of your stuff and went down to 1 account.

I understand the problems, I play a solo game in NPC null so I am not experiencing what others are which means I’m not as passionate about it as you are.

Yes I did, you tried to make out more people are leaving when they are not. You should talk straight and say lots of existing players haven’t logged on their 10, 15, and 20 alt accounts due to feeling bitter about the BO.

No I said many have not returned after BO, not that more are leaving.

I had sold a lot of stuff and let most of my subs lapse. Call it my little shout out to CCP that i wasn’t happy.
The stuff i sold was an accumulation of stuff built up over many years and will actually keep my accounts subbed for a good while.

The reason I didn’t engage more in BO was - There really wasn’t any content worth pursuing. Yes we killed quite a few roaming gangs that came our way and even managed a Foritzar kill along with a few Rorquals and a ratting Super that were in the wrong place at the right time but all in all BO was pretty boring.

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I am sorry, but multiple accounts has nothing to do with players, and everything to do with CCP allowing it. Personally I would love for 1 account-1 pilot, but that is never going to happen

How quickly do you think it would take for not only your alliance but most nul alliances to fold if Eve had 1 player 1 account?

How long do you think Eve would survive if it had roughly 2/3rds less subscriptions?
A while ago CCP told us each player had on average 3 accounts.

Unless you purchased this account (on character bazaar of course) and haven’t really been around as long as your history would suggest - Do you really believe Eve would have survived this long without the armies of alts doing all the jobs many don’t want to do?
As a simple example - Would you give up your time to fly half way across the map to light a cyno in a mid for one of your logistics pilots, then sit there for however long to light it again so he can get home?

Many aspects of everyday game play is made more efficient and less of a burden on friends etc with the use of alts.
Think about the guys who bridge you to fights, should they not be able to participate because they volunteered to get you there?

No one here is talking about one account per player, Personally I think your idea of how to play Eve Online is unrealistic. I think it was you who showed me pity for having 2 accounts since 2003 claiming that I was unable to play the game properly.

FYI I have had the best gaming experience of my entire life right here in Eve Online with my 2 accounts. You are one of a very small community of excessive account owners and I am sure that the game would still be fine if people like yourself scaled down to 1 to 3 accounts.

After 16 years Eve still has a good following, I can agree that CCP did waste lots of time and money on other projects which failed miserably, obviously this time and money could have been spent of Eve, I get where you are coming from on many of the points you brought up.

But lets not try to pretend all of your opinions are that of a normal gamer because they are not. 15 subscriptions with 45 characters is overkill and the sooner folks like you accept that the better off Eve will be.

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A bit off topic, but do we know if all Vegas events will be streamed on Twitch?

Is blackout back yet? im that ■■■■■■■ bored my accounts are starting to go offline again an i have stopped logging in.

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hell no to BO. Would rather for CCP to go bankrupt than them implementing BO

You hide in big groups for safety, blackout wouldnt really effect you anyway; i mean, its not like you know what your doing.

Not having blackout ANYWHERE because a few special nullbears cant cope is not key to the development and fluidity of movement eve needs; it really does need that no mans land in unused spaces or low adm systems.


And after Feb too…

Sorry but you obviously didn’t read the post i replied to, so anything else after that is pointless.

While we are here - You yourself stated we don’t play the same Eve. I’ve never represented my posting as anything other than personal experience, I wouldn’t presume to tell others how to play Eve, only how i play it and how what CCP does affects MY play style.

As far as multiple accounts goes, I am small fry. I don’t have 30 to 50 Rorqual pilots (quite commonly seen if you know where to look). I don’t sit in highsec with 30+ Orcas mining ice (quite commonly seen).
I have 15 accounts with 36 characters - Most perform multiple roles such as Cynos, manufacturing, PI, eyes, just to name a few.
My play style isn’t for everybody but there are a lot of players out there who play in a similar way

Aaron You need to pick up your game. Trying to post and NOT reading the previous comments related to your response is bad even for you…

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I’m rushing a little while I type, what I meant was one account to one person is not a suggestion anyone is pushing to be implemented.

You go ahead and ignore the rest of what I said, that is exactly what I expect from you excessive account owners.

As yours matters just as little as anyone else’s now.

Finally on eve vegas CCP admits “blackout did not change pvp numbers”.

All those “pvp hungry” ganktards left literally zero impact on pvp, as expected.

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