Local is Trash

It would be an absolute nightmare to hunt down war targets without local. Just saying.

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I think it is pretty established that when people talk about local they are talking about the list of players, not the chat capability.

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"What I’m hearing is, you’re tired of not getting easy kills. "

Yup, thats what you’re hearing, but thats no where in the content or context of the post.

You didn’t read past the title before linking that article, did you?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


You already assume he did read too much.

Do you actually believe stuff like this happens?

I lived out of wormholes until like 2016 so yes, I do.

That is not why local is a “thing”, local is just a system wide communication channel. However, since you brought it up, are the people in these ships that can’t fight the same ones who refuse to use Dscan?

Yes, or start your own.
Wormhole space is really neat.
Get good at Dscan, making safe points and that sort of thing and you will love it there.

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I prefer Dscan personally, local just tells me they exist. Maybe in highsec that would make sense to me, but in low and nullsec it really doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. Especially in the case of people who are cloaked.

Dscan, find nothing, warp to a different spot…rinse and repeat. meanwhile your WT is doing exactly the same in a different constellation.

Pilots don’t read local…

Was visiting Ryddinjorn VI - Moon 2 - Pator Tech School just now, then thinking about my past of being a fresh Minmatar pilot many moons ago

"Iceacid Frostpacker > Minmatar 7 days… first pilot to type o/ gets 100million isk leaving system in 5 mins

Not a single pilot typed in local or perhaps every pilot is space rich.

I live in wormholes in 2021 and it’s not even a little true. What hole did you live in? Are you sure you didn’t get bashed because you were a loot piñata?

Sorry to go off track here but I’m pleased you changed your profile picture, the last one bugged me.

Ok carry on :slightly_smiling_face:

I was facing my enemy.

Well, that’s another billion isk you owe me.

Someone just can’t keep their big mouth shut.

Maybe they know who you are

I’ve spent a good deal of time doing exactly that and with or without local it’s the same process. All local does is inform you of arrivals and departures while giving you a place to talk or, in most cases spew spam.

Yes I am the trash can that is jettisoned.

Yes, the problem is that people prefer easy fights. If the odds are against then they will evade (dock, cloak, filament,…) rather then engage, very often they do it even if is a close call.
I wont engage a roaming enemy in my barge, and if I reship he will wont engage me. So, why bother? I just dock, take a bathroon break and he is gone when I get back.
If I want PVP I will join the home defense fleet or go in a roam myself but I’m not really holding my breath in expectation of those super exciting fights.

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