Local is Trash

Just send me all your isk, that’s what I would do.


The amount of isk I have to send you would only be an insult to your glorious person, Ô Princess. Please allow me to build my fortune in order to give justice to your infinite brilliance. I redden in shame at the thought of the amount I could send you at the moment.

Its not terribly effective to transfer isk to yourself but its an option you can take in the game.

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except this isn’t even accurate.

With the exception of stealth bombers, every other cloaky ship has a lock delay upon decloaking. So for example even an “instalocking” T3C would take at least 5 seconds to lock a mining barge.

A mining barge mining while aligned with say a Higgs anchor rig, will have ample time to warp away. And a flight of light drones will have a great chance of tearing up a squishy stealth bomber.

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Test test

If I’m ratting that is good gameplay, if I’m roaming that is pure nonsense.

You and I both know this is neither here nor there since feedback from the forum is rarely considered by anyone who matters, however…

There’s no reason I can think of why an approach to countering local has to be ham-fisted. Many who have come before me have suggested a delay. If people want instant intel, then I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask they they put eyes on their gates and either roll their holes or put eyes on them as well.

You could delay local for variable lengths of time depending on sec status, and you could vary the delay by entry method (gate, trace, wormhole, etc.), if you so wished to tweak the system from all or nothing to a gradient. Give sov null structures to shorten, but not eliminate the delay. Or tie it to the system index so that more populous systems balance faster intel with having more potential targets to catch.

The specifics aren’t really important to me. If local exists I use it to my advantage. When local does not exist I use that to my advantage (Nobody is scared of Qia, and rightly so, but in WH space people ARE afraid of Qia’s combat probes when they don’t know they belong to her). However, if a majority of people believe local is too strong, or if the developers believe it is too strong in spite of what the players think, then they could tweak it in a variety of more subtle ways that would give less impression they were just flipping switches randomly and experimenting on the player base with confidence they’ll put up with it indefinitely because of all the time they’ve sunk into the game and the lack alternative games to scratch the same itch.

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garrrr hathathat

This is still going on? ISD not following the flowchart!!


It’s Saturday. They’re out drinking.

“if discussion is happening” → “close thread” ?

From what you’ve said, you’re struggling to find PvP content except from people willing to fight. You’re tired of those who don’t want to fight getting off-grid once you’re in local.

What I’m hearing is, you’re tired of not getting easy kills. That means you’re a fan of ganking, and my heart doesn’t exactly bleed for you.

I’d think a PvP player would want challenging opponents. It’s far more impressive if you win against a Stabber, Drake, Caracal, or even a Griffin than if you take down a Venture.

A five-minute delay on local is pointless. I’ve been caught in a fast Venture by gankers who know exactly what they’re doing, and I had the advantage of seeing them the moment they popped into local. They came in, got me, and were gone in less than twenty seconds, never mind five minutes.

You don’t want EVE to hold my hand, but you want them to give you a five-minute handicap? It’s entirely possible to scout a system, set up your bookmarks, and gank a target if you’re good enough. You shouldn’t need five minutes.

Gankers most definitely have all the advantages they need to make life difficult for prime ganking targets. Even with the immediate notification in local, ganking targets are still at a disadvantage against gankers who know how to operate.

Perhaps you should talk to your fellow gankers about how they overcome their challenges, or frankly, start picking on targets your own size, so to speak.

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While I don’t sympathize with the OP, it’s still effectively impossible to catch anyone in anything quicker than a capital ship or very slow battleship, if they initiate warp instantly upon seeing a neutral come into local (unless they’re tackled by NPCs). Even a rigged interceptor with an Ascendancy set will still take about 10-15 seconds to arrive on grid and lock you, which is more than enough time for the target to warp out even from a standstill position (not even going to mention pre-alignment). There’s effectively no counter-play against someone warping out immediately, which means that piracy relies on the target’s ignorance to be viable. In fact, this is why it’s nearly impossible to kill bots.


Perhaps those who ganked me were bots themselves, since they had me locked and killed me so quickly. It was certainly less than ten seconds. On several occasions my Venture and I were dead within ten seconds of some appearing in local.

I’ll concede that it’s possible immediately warping is a nigh impenetrable defense against gankers, but the rest of my post stands; it seems the OP is bemoaning their inability to hunt caged animals, especially in asking for a five-minute head start.

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This thread is sure trashy. :nauseated_face:

lol… 130 kills and suddenly he think he can call others trash.

Can I call this thread trash then? :stuck_out_tongue:

The very first thing to do when entering a new Wormhole is to type in local to see who answers.


When entering a wh I usually post:

Honey, I’m home!


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