Local is Trash

Back from a spot of gardening, as for your deflection dig, I don’t actually recall stating that 3bn ISK is a lot of ISK. I think you dragged that out of your rear end. :+1:

I’m currently parked in Highsec but actually play from Thera, does that count?

Dig a bit deeper. I have been in w-space and lived out of a POS for almost 4 years straight almost from the inception of wormholes in Apocrypha.

Dude, I’m like always suspect and sometimes the evil farmers team up on me and win. I give them a “gf” and fit a new ship. Any problem with that?

Yeah, that was quite fun and totally worth it.

If everyone was like me local wouldn’t be an issue :sunglasses:

It’s not cheap at all. Miners have to die for it to be convincing.

But seriously dude, that where now 6 ad-hominem attacks that where either extremely weak or a complete miss. Do you have something of actual value to say on the topic or are you continuing to shed your salt all over the thread because you can’t formulate an actual argument?


I can only imagine the amount of nuanced knowledge you must have regarding wormholes. I took a corp there once. We lasted a few months…It was awesome until we got Evicted by bigger fish :slight_smile:

Thera does not count because Thera is only a highway into other K-space areas and not so much into W-space areas.

No problem. Just funny because you can’t use local properly to see that coming.

Oh really? Then why is local an issue? There are lots of people “like you”. But typically people like you don’t want to engage those because those people make you lose your ships. You are like the OP who wants easy kills without a fight.

Ad hominem? All I bring forth are examples why claiming that local was overpowered is nothing but hogwash. If you don’t want to be called out after you make some outlandish claims, maybe do a better job at living up to your own claims. Even with perfect intel, you couldn’t prevent losses that you should have expected to happen from lightyears away. Not everything you disagree with is an ad hominem but all the things I pointed out are you failing under perfect intel. So, again: If intel from local is perfect, you are wholly incompetent and thus perfect intel is not a problem because your incompetence cancel it out. :slight_smile:

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But people like you or Arcturen or Karak need those AFK scrubs to be able to accomplish something.


Those losses weren’t because of local, they where all a calculated risk. I evaded countless situations thanks to effortless, instant local intel.

Yeah it would still be an issue. But the irony here is that Highsec is probably the worst example you could pick on since the regular miners don’t care about it and it’s really only a valuable tool for people like me who look for targets or want to evade bigger forces that suddenly enter the system.

Oh and bots obviously. They really love local. I’m probably hard coded in those programs because they all auto-dock when I enter the system. I used to be able to block a whole bot fleet from undocking by just sitting in a system.

Yes, ad-hominem is all you did, not a single actual argument about what’s wrong with my position.

No the weren’t. I’m constantly in situations where if the miners actually would fight back they would completely obliterate me. They mostly don’t, out of fear that I’m just “the bait”. I was in situations where I was slowly grinding down an Orca with a dozen angry Skiffs in the belt and a corp leader screaming at them not to attack because I just want to bait more of them to agress. I would have had no chance at all if they send their drones on my ass, but most of the time they don’t and I win. Sometimes they do and I get to run away in my pod. It’s all part of the game, no risk no fun.

My playstile is hardly a reference why local is good or bad. You still made not a single actual argument.

In the end, the rules are the same for everyone. All I’m saying is that it’s a lazy and stupid game mechanic. There could be a gazillion other more interesting ways how they could implement intel tools that would make the whole game more interesting no matter the playstyle.

See how that works? I just wrote down my opinion without having to look at your killboard and interpret your losses the wrong way. Wasn’t really difficult.

How about you give us some actual reasons why local is absolutely needed and how there couldn’t possibly be a more interesting game mechanic for that kind of intel?

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You talk about me having to give an argument but you yourself don’t give any suggestion on how you would change intel gathering besides saying that local is trash and lazy.

Personally? Local allows me to make educated decisions on whether taking a fight is worth the time because I have a chance to accomplish something or a waste of time that ends in a pointless feed of my ships without me being able to do anything productive, aka. destroy something from the opponents. There is nothing to be gained by splitting that purpose up into 10 different modules or deployables or structure services. This would accomplish nothing but turning a perfectly fine and equal-for-all mechanic into a frustrating, cumbersome, unequal slug-fest that adds nothing positive and only more work to accomplish the same thing as before. But since CCP is doing exactly that to all kinds of mechanics of the game to make them “more interesting”, they will do that to local before long, too. Don’t worry.

If someone really wants that, W-space exists and you can live there. Other people don’t need that crutch to accomplish kills.

Good. Isn’t that a great thing about local that you can bring down a whole bot empire just by being around? What better argument could you make for the continued existence of local?

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Don’t worry, it doesn’t exist anyway.

Pay off mortgage.

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Easy to answer, CCP are not up to making a mechanic like that. Hell they can’t get local to work…


We have already seen great posts with ideas in this discussions like this one by Destiny:

All I’m saying is that local is a really effortless and and boring way to gain that intel and that they could make it way more interesting and engaging. Almost anything would be more interesting than a chat window with an instant list of people in the system.

And you should still have the tools to do that, but not so effortless as it is today. And there should also be ways to avoid detection that however come at a severe cost.

No one is asking for 10 different modules or deployables or structure services. And no, a well thought out mechanic would still give you this awareness, maybe coming at a cost or maybe even a buff to stats for a change if you don’t fit the modules or more abundant resources if you don’t deploy a system scanner. It would simply be another variable to make the game more interesting.

I hope so

You should ask that to the bot fleets I catched when I still wasn’t in that database and they didn’t react to my presence with just running away. That was certainly a harder setback than just waiting it out until I’m gone again.

Indeed not a bad argument

Problem is that it will not be more interesting. It will be a mandatory thing to have and to deploy whenever you want to do something. Same for modules or rigs or whatnot that give you intel. They will be mandatory things to use and not optional things to improve your gameplay. All they do is restore the previous experience at a much greater cost without any benefits.

Almost everything would be more work without any positive experience gains. You know what is funny with your linked post? The suggestions that Destiny give amount to almost 10 different systems to manage intel gathering. :wink:

Plus, this is a post by Destiny. It is not a suggestion from you. Where are your suggestions?

I suggested in a previous topic about local (yes, this is technically a redundant spam re-post because this guy could not be bothered to search for older local-is-dumb-topics) that you could be allowed to opt out of local but in doing so, you also opt out of clone transfer upon death. Clone transfer and local are features of the gate network and if you opt out of one, you have to opt out of all things related to that.

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He sent a link I clicked on it and watched the video he wanted me to watch , can’t see why your on your high horse about it.

So instead of skulking around in cloaky ships your worried about losing re-ship and go and have fun

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Proposing new gameplay mechanics where the “mean griefer” can get the one or two kills they want at the expense of effectively permanently losing access to the game seems to really be in vogue these days.


There is private messages for when you want just with your buddies. You know “Private” as in opposite of “Public”.

No, local is primary


Absolutely not. You may feel confident to not need it, or you can organize with other players and just one has the modules and the others use the spare cpu or power to increase yield or whatever.

I’m not a game designer, and honestly I don’t have or want to take the time to think something trough for it to just get ignored like it always happens with this ideas when it comes to CCP. But seriously just not an automatically populated chat window.

Yeah actually, I can totally imagine why you got that idea. You probably think that will hand out some deserved punishment to the mean griever. lol, such linear one dimensional thinking.

But the idea on itself isn’t that bad for various other reasons if you think trough it who will actually end up using it (it does have a lot of utility actually), so I’m totally in favor of it :slight_smile: :+1:

They could make it to where we can contact an NPC “gatekeeper” for a few isk ( like say, 500 isk ) for “calling in” then pay to see who jumped in within the past hour, for example.
I don’t like to see a window with an instant list of who’s in system, it breaks the immersion.


If your alliance coalition creates a couple alpha alts, you can use a third-party computer application to detect anyone within 20 jumps of your location, so you can safely dock up before any neutrals get within 10 minutes of your position. You will even get an audible warning tone on your cellphone, in case you are AFK. Now some people think that’s good gameplay, but others disagree. I wonder who is right?


Bows low
Ô Princess, I do not have the slightest clue as to who’s right on that matter. I’m merely a lowly capsuleer trying to emulate the god-Queen of New Eden and miserably failing at it. If you, in all your infinite majesty, cannot determine that, then no one will, not even the all-powerful Amarrian god himself!

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