Local panel is gone, game is a buggy mess


I’m wondering why my panel Local is gone. I asked ingame and someone told me to hit ctrl-tab to find it. I did find it but I’m wondering why the panel went off my screen in the first place.
The most important panel of the game and it goes POOF. That’s a big problem.

And since this isn’t a whine thread I ask you:
What other bugs in the game bug you?


Eve most certainly has bugs, but I wouldn’t consider it a buggy mess. In fact, I actually think it’s quite good when compared to most AAA titles of the past decade. Of course, this is not to say that the game doesn’t have bugs, and the chat issue have most certainly been going on way too long, but it’s not exactly like Eve is comparable to Cyberpunk 2077 or something.

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Most bugs I encountered were either my fault or solved with a restart.

But ok, atm I sometimes get a loud roaring background sound as soon as I’m docked in a NPC station, gotta find out what’s the matter there.

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Because you clicked and minimalized it.

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I exaggerated, it’s not a buggy mess but imagine my confusion while traveling through low sec, glancing over where my Local should be and only seeing empty space. I feared that I was going to have to continue my travel without a Local, and that, in a Tayra filled to the brim with mostly t2 modules worth 57mil in all.
Good thing I thought about asking in corporation window I got an answer within 5mins, bless that guy’s heart because not ten mins later I jumped through a gate where four or five baddies where ganking someone. It was flashing and shooting everywhere while I desperately kept clicking to jump. Someone was already scanning me and my ship jumped right at the exact moment his webber hit my ship!

Another thing I hate and I’d call it a bug if I didn’t know any better is the time it takes to jump through a gate after warping to it and how inconsistent the mechanic is. Sometimes I’d get to a gate at 1.5km and the wait is not even 5sec but sometimes I’d get to the gate at 0.5km and the wait is well into 10sec.

Now I don’t want to get into server/client/connection discussion here because the variables are endless short of physical examination. I read that thread about devs finding one of the causes of disconnections, lags and what what-have-you, that’s a good thing.
As for chat and local issues I guess the problem is deeper and maybe they’re looking in the wrong direction.

Cyberpunk… wow what to say that hasn’t already been said except that I’m glad I didn’t know it was even in development and it’s not a game I’d enjoy playing? I did have a good laugh watching the early reviews. Is that bad?

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I did? LOL! I might have. I myself am not sure but you seem to know… Alright! Are you spying on me?


You’re welcome.

Funny how you call the game a buggy mess when you don’t know what you’re doing with the ui yourself. Perhaps get yourself sorted before blaming other things.


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