Locations- Bookmarks-' Columns Move

An Edit/Change Position feature for Columns in Locations: Bookmarks window/spreadsheet

UI, Columns Edit, Bookmarks

the window of people + places, Locations: Bookmarks gets too big in the game window when I need to see System of Bookmark and Date of creation.

Suggesting we get the option to organize the columns.
A Columns edit/change positon feature would great because you could then “set and forget” the window, and get access to the set of info needed without drawing the window out too much.
The information added to the original column size, e.g. constellation, type, etc., appears to “upsize” the window automatically, and there is no player driven way to modify this except to resize the columns.

Not sure how this can be effected by coders and UI interface team, but sure would be great!



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