Locator Agent Freedom of Information Act

Fair. While this is proposed as a once as a day notification after downtime (if someone does search for you), I could see some people taking issue with stacking inbox notifications if they’ve been away from the game for a while.

The primary value I see in this proposal is opening up counter-search with locator agents from the notification mail provided after downtime. It’s not immediate intel, yet knowing who is interested in your whereabouts does give people additional tools to fight or flee.

… i’m off for a day and come back to 30+ notifications

also there will be no counter searching. like i said locators are already done using alts or 3rd parties do to the standings needed

Assuming that the vast majority of location is done by third parties, a single notification after downtime accomplishes two things. Assists 3rd party locators to advertise their services (semi-organically) and reminds the wider player base that locator mechanic exists.

This makes the whole thing moot.

again that is not worth any real amount of dev time

This list made me lol, thank you @Pleasure_Hub_Node-514 You do realize the other topic you pinned about holographic likenesses in station matches up with this across all kinds of possible player-driven mission elements? For example, if I have a highly-detailed snapshot of a capsuleer to send to the Locators, they can trace not only station security cam footage, but the conscious uplink itself. Imagine said individual is cloaked in J-Space. Suddenly their ship is being boarded.

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