Locator Agent Freedom of Information Act

A player is to be informed after downtime of all individuals who attempted to search for their whereabouts using locator agents.

In accordance with Texas Law, locator agents would be required to share the name of the person, time, and station a location request was filed. This information is not shared with target in real-time, however assembling a dossier to comply FOIA standards still must be prompt. That is why aggregating all location request data into one report after downtime is a sensible compromise.

Why is a FOIA system necessary?

  1. Provides individuals opportunity to counter-search with locator agents.
  2. Calls new player attention to the surveillance system.
  3. Gives wormholers a sense of pride and satisfaction that resources spent to locate them in Anoikis were fruitless.
  4. Instills warm fuzzy feelings that someone is determined to find you.

I was just going to walk away but… Texas Law

This should require some restrictions.

At the minimum I would expect the locator agents would only be willing to share this information with capsuleers who have good standing with the corporation the agent belongs to or the agent themselves.


Locator Agents use Spies and Contacts to locate people. Wich Spie in his own sense will tell the spied on that is being spied?

It will be “fine” if the spied has high Standing with the same locator agent or faction with what used, to tell him that someone is looking for him, but nothing more.

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Takari and Wallyx, what if the locator agent charged a fee to see who located you? To your point maybe that fee is reduced if the locatee has good standing with the NPC corp I question.

Then they need to work the same as when you want to locate someone, you need to have good standing with them.
I’ll add, having good Faction standing, so is not imperative to do missions with that Corporation but must have a minimum Faction/Corp/Agent standing to even have that opportunity.

Let’s say this way, to make sure you understand me.

Someone want to locate you
1 case -> you have neutral/bad standing with his Corp/Faction/Concord. Then, his Faction won’t inform you of that location intention.
2 case -> You have good standing with his Corp/Faction, but not good with Concord. The Faction will inform you that someone is looking for you, then you need to reach the specific agent at your own risk; if is in Empire; and “bribe him”.
3 case -> You have an excellent standing with his Corp/Faction and Concord. The Faction will inform you that someone is looking for you and the agent for a beer will give you the info.

With this, personally, could be fine.

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This is good, however I would still strongly opt for remote delivery of this Intel. Needing to go to a station for a name seems it would not scale well with numerous people searching. In an environment of alts used to initiate (spam or troll) location requests, a remote report could also make it a little easier to spot those false positive trends in who is trying to find you.

me creates alt that never undocks

me use locator agent with alt


me attec

You forget one thing. You need standings with the agents to use the locator.

Anyway, that’s another point which I didn’t mention. But I think the OP goes to the Idea of being notified that you are being located, or at least been trying to.

Yep, high agent corp standing to use locator and good overall faction standing to receive remote reports as located seems fine.

Suggest being able to pay isk to make visible hidden entries from factions you have low/negative standing.

She trac, she attac, but most importantly thank you for your feedbac

Only make it work if both the guy searching and the guy being searched have positive standing to that agent or his corp or the empire he belongs to.Another interesting feature would be if the guy being searched has a higher standing you couldn’t use the agent on him

The only aspect I would be willing to concede is giving a searcher’s name to located if an only if the located has higher standings with faction than the searcher–otherwise you’d only get a notification that someone was looking for you.

Again, this notification is delayed until after downtime which still gives the hunter/searcher a head-start to find their target.

How large of a fee would you consider fair?

So you get a daily list of all the locator alts that tried to find you. How does a list of alts that never undock a worth while use of Dev time?

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With lists you can analyze trends over time. Not everyone is going to be an ex-standing grind alt.

Even if a decent number of them are alts farming out location data to 3rd parties, that data will begin to appear over time. Getting lists becomes an advertisement of players that can potentially be asked to find someone for you. Stimulates a player economy.

So, you want more free intel. Got it.

What’s wrong with this kind of intel? It’s not instant. Do you have an issue with intel brokers (that don’t undock according to you) being named in daily reports?

There is a suggestion earlier in this thread that the locatee also pays to reveal who searched for them. That payment changes depending on various standings.

Seeking more free Intel :wink:

In direct contrast if you have a high enough standing with the locator agent they should provide fake intel to the person searching for you.

Now that we’re done with npc breaking mechanics designed to allow you to fight how about we just leave intel as intel?

… locaters are already run via third parties and alts this would do literally nothing other then have just one more clutter notification.

at the same time i see no reason other than that not to if its something that takes very (and i mean very) little dev time to do