Lockdown in the UK

Oh noes! My life is suddenly… exactly the same as it was a week ago.


9 rolls of Andrex?


Outrageous, I can buy a new Jag for that.


Be careful guys, this is some serious ■■■■. Potential cures are on the way, yet you should be very careful not to die the day before the cure is available : until then, avoid going out.


This was the only piece of advice my mother ever gave me.


hey… fishing is a solo sport, and even though it’s closed season for inshore coarse fishing in the UK, I can still fish for eels in my local river that I can see through my living room window!

Happy days, EVE inside, sport fishing outside.


Meh, I’m in the U.S. got plans this week to meet up with some co-workers to do DDPYoga at a local park. We had a stay at home ordered to begin tonight, but I gotta keep my team from tightening up from no work (massage therapists)



You mean biatches drugs and rap music?

Yep…same here :slight_smile:

In a week itll be so bad itll be enforced by law.

Just a heads up.

There is no cure.

We’ve been working on a cure for SARS-1 for 12 years and failed.

I dont work at the bio lab itself but across the street is the campus that tests for FDA approval 80% of the world’s market share for pharmaceuticals.

We also have one of the largest manufactures of ventilators in the US. (Until that is if the auto companies can switch gears)

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That means exactly zero, one virus can be hard to cure and another can be easy.

But of course you have a biolab across the street, I suppose you slept in a Holiday Inn last night too?

In every way just NO.

Yeah bozo. Please tell me more about how SARS-1 is so different from SARS-2?

Meanwhile they have had an ebola “vaccine” for over a year and yet Ebola is now a yearly chronic outbreak in the area of Mbandaka.

Lotta good that vaccine did. Its efficacy is shown to be under 30%

Yet he’s right. Just because no cure was found to the MERS does not mean a cure can’t be found to the MERS or the COV19.

We don’t know of a cure yet, that’s all we can say. We don’t know future, we do not have omniscience. We have only hope.

SARS is acronym for Syndrom. Just because you have same SYNDROM does not mean they have same virus.

I was working in an area with rabid, I got vaccinated after being bitten but the vaccine does not work all the time so I needed to check my blood reaction to be sure the virus was recognized by my body.
In my case it was alright, but people may need to be injected several time - knowing that once you catch the rabid, you need to be vaccinated before the illness shows any symptom or you are most likely dead.

So yes vaccines don’t work 100%, and it’s especially difficult for vaccines that can have difficult side-effect ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow_fever_vaccine ) .

This is simply not true. The spike glycoprotein for SARS-1, SARS-2, MERS and a few others are essentially the same.

It isnt somethin where one takes 12 years to fail to vaccinate andthe other will happen magically in a year or less.

Meanwhile, SARS-2 has a potential of reinfection. This has now been medically documented.

So vaccination is basically a non-starter.

Which is technically true for Ebola as well which after 3 years you lose your immunity.

SARS-1 and SARS-2 are the respective viruses. covid19 is the disease

While this is true and normal.

Vaccine production for the coronavirus has been a total failure for all strains.

Severe acute respiratory syndrome ( SARS ) is a viral respiratory disease of zoonotic origin that surfaced in the early 2000s caused by the first SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV)

I don’t know what it’s worth. All I know is, just because you have SARS in two name, does not mean that what works against one works against the other - nor the opposite.

Which does not mean it’s not possible :