LOCKED-IN! Recourse?

I had some very valuable stuff (practically all of my net worth, ships, etc.) locked in a station. The station was taken over by some alliance… AND MY STUFF IS LOCKED-IN!


Seriously though, it happened. What the heck is my recourse? I can’t even access the market there to put anything up for sale. Can they truly just keep my stuff locked up forever, and there’s nothing I can do?

As far as i know, you have the following option:

1: Contact the new owner and try to make a deal with them,

2: Firesale your stuff (contracts should still work). Make it a good deal and somebody will buy it.

3: Wait until the station flips again and repeat step 1.

You could also wait until 5. jun when all conquerable stations get turned into faction citadels. Edit: My solution was waaaay to complicated, do what Mr. Phycad wrote one post below :wink:

Wait until CCP turns outposts into citadels and then use Asset Safety to get your items out to the closest low sec (by AU) for 15% of the value. You can use Asset Safety at any point on any assets in a citadel.

You can stay away for six months, then come back and petition it. Usually they grant you to have one ship moved, filled to the brim with whatever you have there.

You could try to make a hauling contract with a corp like “red frog” so they would move your stuff out. But first you would need to check if they can access mentioned station.

This is something I hadn’t thought of - thanks. Can Red Frog move large ships?

Well they charge per m3 so you should repackage your ships so they take less volune. They move things with jump frighters so check if your ships are not to big. Be warned rigs will be lost in process.
P.s. there are other corps who specialise in hauling things, unfortunately got no info on them.

Also you could try to join the corp who is blue to owners of citadel.

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