LOD(level of detail) force switching on my client

Strange as it is, for some reason today when I load certain information, such as item info for example(its totally random, I have seen no pattern), as the data is being retrieved to present to me my settings seem to be getting forced up in terms of LOD (level of detail) without me even being on any sort of settings screen. My screen goes black for a moment, as though I have just applied a graphics change yet I have not. I typically run low LOD and have for years just to keep my controls optimal and as responsive as possible(admittedly Im not running on the greatest PC) and in 5 years I have never had a similar issue. My settings still show me as low LOD when I view them, however I have played long enough to have an eye for the details I should be seeing and this is an auto adjustment to medium or higher. When I do go to settings and attempt to force LOD back to low, it stays elevated even when attempting to apply the change as though my client is interpreting a setting of low LOD as a medium setting, and low does not exist(it has switched back to low a few times, but nowhere near reliably). Upon a restart the LOD restores to what it should be, low as always, until I load random info like my character sheet for example, or basic item info, then I am subject to a blackout and forced up settings(not every time but randomly). Needless to say the game autoswitching my LOD has caused me some very nervous moments today, and has caused me to slow my more aggressive and lucrative activities and the more the game graphics have to represent on screen, the longer the ‘temporary blackout’ lasts as the game is reloading the data to present to me. It would be similar to being in Jita on a busy weekend and trying to undock cold for the first time in the day, or a TIDI situation. When the game returns to the screen with overdriven graphics, I have little to no control(TIDI reminscent) as the lag can be huge, especially in congested areas on in say combat sites for example, which is why I prefer my settings in the first place. Has this been happening to anyone else? Why would my client try to force me into graphics settings I have never used and do not intend to, without any input from me? Thanks in advance for any help with the issue.

It’s a bug - Graphics bug

This is a known issue and should be corrected very soon, possibly today’s downtime. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Don’t happen to have and and Radeon R9 200 series graphic card by any chance

Thanks for your reply CCP Darwin. Glad to hear of the fix, kudos to you guys and gals for being prompt in repairing it :slight_smile: I wont lie, its very unnerving to be in very hostile space and have the game go black, then come back to beep beep beep lol. Appreciated.

No I do not. I have an old Nvidia card which is in need to upgrade. However this was game related I could tell as it coincided with certain actions simultaneously. Basic functions in empty lowsec space.

Thank you for the response, was beginning to think Id been in space for way too many consecutive hours. Was a real heart racing trip in lowsec, especially when you cant see but hear in a black screen and you were engaged before it happened.

Yeah I might be to blame for that I think. I must admit when it first happened to me I freaked a little thought I entered the wrong abyssal site

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