Log in issues due to new expansion?

did you know the most recent update is preventing some of us from being able to log in as our clients never load and a little gear spins for all eternity? that or if we can click the play button the game will not launch?

you have got to be kidding me. see i had this fleet stuff planned with my corps but since i cant log in i cant do it. and i know im not alone in this. a blue tried logging in for 45 freaking minuetes.


oh here’s a development. now the log in button wont even work. so now i cant even get an error.

Getting this too.

This is test server level nonsense. This stuff never seemed to happen there.

Looks like a DDoS attack again? Seems similar to what happened last time.

Certainly affected numbers online. I did get online for a while earlier.

and then theirs this little gem.

I am also unable to log in, will miss a fleet because of this.

Update, ten minutes of trying and I am now in.

Update had to change character on one account to transfer an item and now have the token error and can’t get back in., ahhh second time went in.

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I’m getting the exact same thing, at least I’m not wondering what it is now.

“encountered an error while refreshing token for {username}”

i really hope the launcher team didnt screw it again so i dont have to re-enter usernames and passwords for all accounts.

I could not start any eve client either and there even seem to be issue with ESI and SSO until just minutes ago. Starting up a client takes extremely long, though, compared to before the patch.

Oh, how great: Now after I managed to log in, all chats are empty. No users, no MOTDs, nothing. Really wonderful.

In the short term, this change should not affect you at all - if we did it right then you will hardly notice a change.

What a joke.

goes refreshing authorization then stops. After 10 or so tries it loads. Also had a lot of disconnects.

I’m sure it will get fixed tomorrow but it sucks tonight.

Remember when this happened last time and they said “there will surely be some kind of compensation”. Maybe this is it.

CCP is becoming more versed in lying lately.

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it might be/have been but this has been going on for hours and in the past…correct me if im wrong but dont DDoS attacks lead to a total shutdown? not everyone was booted off the server. My blue and i were the only 2 people on my discord with this issue.

Status update: ive logged in successfully but it took for ever. channels are slowly loading.

CCP Falcon recently said they haven’t handed out the compensation yet, because they haven’t resolved the issues yet.

So they’ll compensate for the chat backend issues once all issues are patched.

Can we get a dev to reply what the actual issue is…? What changed since post deployment last night when I was able to log in all my characters with chats working and no apparent issues…?

Are they working on resolving this?

I’m reaching the end of my account cycle and was hoping to grind enough plex to re-sub without forking out from a credit card. Will we be compensated with game time for this?

I know they will get it fixed and I hate to complain, but this is happening way too often

Three accounts will log in… Fourth will stall with a token error.

C’mon CCP.