🔴 Log Off to Character Selection screen implemented

So I drank that bottle of champagne for nothing?

One change that gets the elk seal of approval

And today?

All this pay to win stuff is ‘normal’?

I fear 95% think so…

This is no good change…not at all…

i doubt that because they told us many many times we would never get that for a 15 sec advatage. Also we are apparently getting pvp arenas that people wanted with the new proving ground filaments

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Is there a reason why we can’t just log off without safe logging in space? I would really want to log off to another character quickly in space, even when I have a timer.

Otherwise I’ll just keep restarting client like always, which means this whole implementation was kinda halfassed in the first place (which it was as we can see from the numerous bugs the feature still has)

i guess because when you close the client like usual with a timer your ship warps off but it stays in its safe spot until the timer expires. for a while it was a big thing to scan people that had just logged off with a timer and killing them.

even with no timers it waits full minute, which is why “safe log out” has countdown of that duration