Logi Safety Button Feature

Perhaps someone has already suggested this. It would be lovely if we had an option on the safety button to prevent us from shooting members in the fleet accidentally.

Say for example if you have mixed combat and logi fits in your fleet. For example, the Trig ships have bonuses for remote reps. However, it becomes impractical to use them (unless you have a very disciplined fleet, even then… mistakes happen) if you have the possibility of accidental friendly fire when someone switches to target a friend when trying to rep someone in fleet and then attempting to switch to shooting something else but fails to select the correct target in the heat of battle. Meanwhile, his buddy is screaming on coms and chaos issues lol.

A simple safety feature not allowing someone to shoot a fleet member if turned on would prevent this.


Would def be a useful feature for Nestor and Trig-pilots. I can only support this.

No, this isn’t qol this removes one of the risks of running this type of set up.

Drag fleet members to the second row of locked targets.


Of course, vets still make mistakes, but I look at it as asking for skill ceiling to be lowered in order to accommodate lowest common denominator type players.

Either way, train your logi to fly the more complex comp, or put them in an idiot proof comp.

Speaking of which, Dredwerkz brings up an excellent point. If you put fleet members in the second row of locked targets, the active target will not default to them as long as you have at least one enemy locked, and in your first row of locked targets.

This is a good thing. Something that separates skilled players from unskilled players.

Why should there be less ways to make mistakes?

Opportunity for mistakes makes nice stories. Like that time I accidentally set my drones on the FC and repaired the target we were supposed to shoot, instead of the other way around.

A game would be pretty boring if you weren’t allowed to make mistakes.

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When asking for changes you should always lower the floor not ceiling.


I actually kinda agree with the feedback. Thanks everyone, not all my ideas are good ideas. ; P

OMG I am a newb, totally forgot you could do this. Thanks Dred, that fixes it…sorta aside from your tipsy fellow fleet members but alas… can’t hold their hand for everything.

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