Login Trap Mechanics

How does the login trap mechanics work? I get the basic idea is to have some scout watch an area, wait for people to come in, and then everyone logs in and tries to get the guy. However, how far and how long does this take? The target might just warp away when they see you, especially if your corp is known to do this kind of thing. So someone has to tackle the target first. The cavalry then arrives and hopefully they brought a tackle ship too. If the login process takes too long, the original tackle ship is dead. If the tackle can fly under the guns and avoid damage but has armor plates, he won’t be able to keep a target for very long, so the enemy can just slow boat away if the login takes too long. This shouldn’t be a huge consideration since it doesn’t take me that long to login most of the time. If the login location is some distance away from the logout position, tactics would have to be modified based on this, unless the plan is to warp in off grid elsewhere in the system and then warp to the tackle.

As I recall, doing the logoffski makes your ship emergency warp off grid to some random-ish location in space. When you log back in, you emergency warp back to the place you were. That would mean that as soon as the person appears in local, they are already on their way back to wherever they were when they logged out. If that happens to be the same place you’re in, you could be in a lot of trouble.

I do not have a lot of experience with this so I do not know exactly how long a person might have, but I suspect it is not long enough if they’re not on their toes.

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Excellent. Anything within 3 km works well. Then I check the skills of our pilots and see a problem.

Logoff -traps are usually used against capitals and supercapitals at anomalies or safe - spots. Less at gates or stations.

Why can’t they just be used against anyone in the system who thinks they can get a fresh kill? Have a bait ship with a tackle in system and when hostiles appear, everyone frantically tries to log in. I mean I just realized there was a flaw in my plan, but it has nothing to do with how I think the log off trap works.

The reason it’s usually used against capitals and supers/titans is because they are big slow things that are usually flown very carefully with a keen eye on local. You hide the fleet by logging them off in a spot that you have already probed down to be a location where said capital/supercapital will be doing their thing (PVE, logoff-safespot, etc) and once you have them trapped by an interdictor of some sort, you log in the rest of the fleet.
smaller and faster ships are usually not worth the trouble of setting up a logoff-trap, unless something special is happening (rare ship, expensive fit,someone really pissed someone else off, etc) due to their ability to slip through the tackler before your fleet can land on grid.

Whoops, we don’t have those. I was going to use ships with warp scramblers since bubbles don’t work here.

Well unless it’s a FAX or a Rorqual with no escort (which would be like “what an idiot”), I’m pretty sure we can’t take on a capital, in fact that wasn’t even what I had in mind at all. In fact I’d be pretty scared if a Dreadnought appeared to take our bait.

Why is this the case? As long as the logged in tackler can survive 20 seconds, shouldn’t everyone be able to drop on him, including a fresh tackler?

Plan was this.

Step 1 Bait ship (too squishy to tackle) and a tackler set up. Fleet is around them.
Step 2 Log out
Step 3 Wait
Step 4 Someone takes the bait
Step 5 Tackle ship uses warp scrambler
Step 6 Everyone floods the grid
Step 7 Profit

So I asked here if the login and log off mechanics worked like I did. It seems the idea should work since the mechanics don’t get in the way of my plan. Then I looked at my piloting skills and realize many people who were in the game longer are in the same boat as me…

If you gonna do something, do it properly. Train for a broadsword with plenty of tank and speed, or use an arazu if you you can damp their range enough to make you untargetable.

I mean… we always just used punishers. They can tank for days and hold pretty good tackle.

Assuming your targets are also solo or small gangs.

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