Logistics & Crimewatch

I’ve been looking for some detailed info on logistics but couldn’t really find any conclusive information so I have some questions. Lets assume 2 players (A and B) are in high sec: A is the repair target and B is the logistics player. Here’s some scenarios I’d like to learn about what happens in those.

  • player A is suspect but nothing more, player B repairs him. Does B go suspect or criminal?
  • player A is suspect and has a limited engagement with another player. Does player B go suspect or criminal and does he also get that limited engagement?
  • player A is at war with another party, does player B go suspect or criminal when repairing A?

Those are all the scenarios I could think of but happy to learn of more. Thank you.

Suspect assuming A can be a legal target of B (eg. same Corp and friendly fire on). Criminal otherwise.

Criminal and a visit from CONCORD.

Limited engagement with player C no, but it wouldn’t matter since the Criminal timer lasts 15 minutes, while a limited engagement is only 5.

Criminal unless player B is also in the same war, in which case, the war target is also a legal target of B. If criminal then a hello from CONCORD again.

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Thank you. From that It it seems it’s really just pretty much always criminal.

That means that I never have to worry about someone repairing someone I’m fighting in high sec, assuming this is not a war even if I was the first to go suspect and someone else started attacking me.

Correct. Unless it is a war where your enemies rep each other, then you never have to be concerned anymore about logi coming to assist an opponent.

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If Player A is a suspect and players B and C both attack player A, so that both players B and C have limited engagement timers with player A, players B and C can rep each other. Neutral third parties (without a limited engagement timer) cannot rep players A, B, or C, unless they first become legal targets.

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What the man above said…

If you go suspect. I can attack you, I can then have my Logi pilot attack you, which will allow my logi pilot to rep me since we both have LE with you.

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Ok, that changes things dramatically. So a logistics just has to sit at range from the scrammed suspect, send in some drones and go “lol now I can rep from a safe distance”. That itself wouldn’t make him suspect I would think but the second he starts repairing he DOES go suspect?

What if by that time player A is no longer suspect but is still fighting player C so they have a limited engagement. what happens if player B starts repairing A?

Nope, he will not go suspect. CCP removed the ability of remote effects that allowed people to interfere in fights. Now as a suspect you take the full brunt of it all and nobody can ever help you. But the people attacking the suspect can keep escalating as much as they want.

As for your second question.

If player B start repping he will go GCC and get concorded.

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Ok so if I’m actually player C, the one being attacked, and I park an alt closeby in something that can easily take out or at the very least make a logistics useless then that will “guard” me from player A (my opponent) bringing in a repairer (B). What would be a good ship for such a safeguard, preferably Amarr?

Oh and thank you all for the detailed answers, this is exactly why EVE is so interesting and I didn’t quite “trust” the information I had found so far.

And how will this alt make the logistics useless?

Logistics do not go suspect anymore. Nobody that reps a person attacking a suspect will go suspect.

You as the suspect cannot get any assistance once you fight.

Ok I misunderstood that but that is why I’m asking :smiley:

Thank you.

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