LOL Rust Skins

Minmatar RUST skins. REALY?? Lol… They ALL look like that.
Give me a full-on rusted Gallente ship and we’ve got something. And while you’re at it, lol, how 'bout dipping a Minmatar ship in chrome.


Or for a silly idea, Minmatar ships with that hot-dipped galvanized look. Rust spots optional.

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Also notice Rust, one outcome of not spending any effort or money to take care of a thing, comes at a very high price.

A rust skin on a Gallente ship keeps it from getting stolen in the more diverse parts of the Federation.


Shouldn’t all ships go Rust if they’re never cleaned?

no air or moister in space = o rust and as we cant fly to the planet to walk around rust seems silly just saying ccp “no walking around” but lets have rust skins :crazy_face:


According to EVE lore, supposedly most, if not all, ships have crew, therefore they would expel oxygen into space whenever the hull is breached, possibly some of it coating the hull, and causing rust, in theory…

But then again, that assumes the outer hull coating is made of some iron/steel alloy, and not some super futuristic unreactive material to always maintain the ship with a show room finish (SKINs). So probably, in the end, just picking at nits here…

dipped in galvanize and it rust instead of getting dirty.

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