Looking for 100-500 mill @ 7% no collateral

(Arcturus Keikira) #1

Looking for a loan of anywhere between 100-500 mill at 7% paid at the end of 1 month period.

Will be setting up moon mining, for 2 characters plus skillbooks. Already have friend who has a athanor set up just need the isk for the mods/ships and new skillbooks.

Its still gonna take like 10 days for the moon chunk to get ready so thats why its a month.

Will upgrade to skiffs if enough isk comes in.

Thank you

(Elgon Smitehand) #2

What will you be using to mine?

(Arcturus Keikira) #3

Im looking towards a procurer if i only get 100 mill or so, i can fly a skiff in like 2 weeks so depends on how much investment i get. But i am up for suggestions.

(Louseap Chide) #4

I’m willing to loan up to 1 billion subject to your friend being willing to set the refinery in escrow till the debt is paid. I would be willing to “lend” 100 mil at word for a 8% return that is only 8 mil for something that should be making you several times that. I can lend you up to 300 mil with weekly payments of 82.5 mil for 4 weeks. 500 million I can only consider giving as two smaller loans when you pay the first you get the second.

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