Looking For A Game Similiar To Over G Fighters

TL;DR: Looking for a flight combat game that is much more realistic than Ace Combat but much more accessible/simplified than DCS.

Over G Fighters was a simcade flight combat game similar to Ace Combat but with a more realistic flight model, real licensed aircraft and weapons, and much more realistic modern combat theaters.

All aircraft had access to a huge variety of their real weapons and their loadouts were limited by their real available hardpoints. The game feature limited fuel making drop tanks a viable choice instead of more missiles/bombs, missile/gun ammunition was also limited to what you were carrying and had to be replenished by landing at your air field/carrier if the mission had one.

There were no made up weapons like laser canons, or made up enemies like huge flying drone fortresses, all targets were real vehicles, ranging from jets, helicopters, tanks, trucks, trains, ships, and ground structures.

The game was about as immersive and realistic as you could get on a console for modern jet combat. You could disable the generic in game hud and fly successfully using your cockpit’s instruments that were fairly accurately modeled for each aircraft.

The game was not without issues and was considerably more niche than Ace Combat because of the added complexity. For me however, it was the perfect blend of realism and arcade like accessibility.
I have not had a Xbox 360 for several years now and can no longer play my copy, so I’m wondering if there are any other games like Over G Fighters, preferably for PC?

I liked Ace Combat. Was enjoyable. Wish the story made more sense, but it was enjoyable.

Have you tried Tom Clancys Hawx or Hawx 2 or whatever it was named?

Nope, when it came out I heard it was even more unrealistic than Ace Combat which was an immediate turn off for me.

Microsoft Flight Simulator then?

Have flown in every MS Flight Sim going back to Flight Sim 2000 but there are no pews pews in flight sim.

There are tons of combat mods arent there?

I don’t know to be honest, never really got into mods for MS Flight sim, the only one I’ve ever really used was a paid for mod called FS Passengers.

Well… with War Thunder you could F2P grind your way from late 1930s to 3rd generation jets (Phantom II, Starfighter, Mirage III, Jaguar, et cetera) and mix in ground combat -and SPAA- up to the 2000s.

The simulation aspect of newest technologies is a WIP (still no laser guided bombs, no AWACS/JSTARS, chaff just added and is a weird hybrid with flares) and the game is a MOBA so lots of stupid crap going on in every game. But, it’s F2P.

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