Any Fighting game players here?

I play alot of different games, EVE is obviously one. Something that has fascinated me about being apart of the FGC (Fighting Game Community) is how similar some aspects of Faction Warfare / living in Low Sec are compared to the culture of FGC.

There are alot of new fighters releasing soon, and I would love to either play with other EVE players or even teach other EVE players how to play games that they may have been intimidated with before.

Alot of fighters kinda have the same basic core loop of learning. There are some that are more advanced than others but its really about learning what you can and can’t do and when. Also you can enjoy yourself and you don’t neccesarily have to be (the best player ever) alot of these fighting games are coming out with better singleplayer modes that are fun as well.

I’m looking forward to Street Fighter 6 personally :slight_smile:

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Not sure I’m feeling the recent wave of fighting games, they seem to be about locking your opponent into a chain of combos which they can’t escape from to get the 10 second victory. I was a Tekken player up until Tekken 3 or 4 and lost interest.

Thank you

Sounds like you like more of the song and dance. I actually don’t play VS type fighting games because of that. 3D Fighters like Tekken you can kind have that balance of poking the opponent by having better defense.

Me, I’m an old school kung fu film fan, anything that resembles this would be my kind of fighting game. I heard there is also a boxing game by EA on consoles which I might have a look at. It’s funny, as a 44 year old I find myself reverting back to realism in my choice of fighting game.

With the new boxing game I think it will be fun managing the stamina/style of my player over a long drawn out 20 minute fight, street fighter/tekken 200 hit combo style where the fight is over in 4 seconds is crap compared to this.

Hopefully they will add a multiplayer aspect to the realistic boxing game and we have a top game.

For sure, the 3D aspect allows for a better fight experience which is closer to real life than 2D. If I had to choose then Tekken would always win over SF 5 or 6

You would be suprised honestly, Tekken and even the changes they are making now are going to require more different variations of defensive play. However if its the realism of the fight I can understand having the viewpoint of seeing a combo system and them just being juggled in the air and that being a turn off point.

Maybe someone should put a camera in the CCP boardroom to create a prime quality fighting game or show. :smirk:


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