Looking for a small Corp with open arms to new players!

Currently I decided to give EVE another shot and I have been enjoying it for a bit now. I’m currently hunting for a small/med size Corp that is welcoming to new players mostly and always willing to help if needed. In EVE I have always been the Industry junkie and the resource harvester addict lol. Its my main thing and honestly it’s what I have fun on the most! If anyone is looking for someone to do Resource harvesting or get an Industry junkie on their team I’m down to always help! Let me know! Thank you <3

Hey man come check us out! Enigma Expanse - C4 Red giant - C3/C5 WH Corp

Over the years, Ive always found myself crawling back to this game. And Ive come to realize that playing with the right group of people is ESSENTIAL! We at ‘Zero Reps Given’ are a smaller, laid back corp in Nullsec. We involve ourselves in PVE gameplay, PVP fleets, large mining operations and much more. We have a solid crew that does industry and would most certainly give helpful advice and care when teaching new things. We’d like to give you the opportunity to join us. If youre interested. Reply here, find us ingame or join our discord at: Zero Reps Given

Happy flying!

Arms are wide open :smiley:

Come check us out at The Order of Omerta. We’re mostly focused on pvp and fw but have a small team of indy pros and our alliance Indy corps are always looking for ppl to help feed them mats for ship building.

Come check us out and see if we can be a fit for you

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