Looking for advice

So I used to play several years ago and after playing with the mobile game a little bit I thought I would try the full game again for the first time in about 6 years. I had long forgotten what I was doing when I stopped playing and when I logged in I am stuck in a capital ship way way way deep in goonswarm territory in an alliance that looks like it’s been idle as long as me. I have no way to lighting cynos to get myself out and the corp who owns the system is also idle I think. Any ideas?

I thought goonswarm is fighting another big war.

You should look into the rules surrounding asset safety. You may be able to move some of your assets into safer space. But you might need to leave your capital ships out in that area until you can negotiate safe passage.

well if it were me, depending on where you are and who u wanna fight with id log an alt on, check the surrounding systems and look for the closest corp ud like to join, then id contact the ceo with the alt and tell them the region what u have sp and asset wise to make u look like a juicy recruit, then organise a invite to the corp and have a cyno ready by one of your new corpies log in join corp and fleet quicly safe log to make sure u get the docking rights u log still in fleet light cyno jump dock and enjoy your new corp/alliance, best of luck to you;)

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